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The 10 Most Annoying People You Meet Clubbing

Aside from providing an acceptable to place to consume inappropriate amounts of alcohol and a dance floor to attempt a terrible dougie night clubs are a brilliant for meeting new people. This being said not every person you meet clubbing will be the sexy, suave, sophisticated pin up of your dreams.

A lot of the time time you may end up meeting some very irritating individuals

Here’s the guide to the 10 people to watch out for…

1) The Uncle


You’re  sat minding your own business on a night out. Waiting for your friend to come back from the bar with a drink (hopefully a shot or two as well). It’s now you notice the old man creeping in the shadows staring at you. Obviously he takes you noticing him as a cue to sit down next to you. Yes, this man is the uncle. The one that’s usually dressed in a white kaftan and open toe sandals and leaves you thinking “WHY ME”. ‘Would you like to dance with me?’ Erm… no. ‘Why you don’t dance with me?’ Any attempt to try and say no is never going to be understood, they will not go away. You end up having to be rescued by your friends until another one returns with a marriage proposal.

2) The Annoying Girl Who Wants To Be Everyone’s Friend

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When you’re out with a smaller group of people you always end up finding this one girl. The girl who has to ‘OH MY GOD’ at everything and tags along with you and your friends. You don’t even know her and she’s already claiming that you’re best friends.  She takes your number, asks if you want to meet up for coffee next week. Seriously, chill? We are not going to stay in touch!

3) The Drug Dealer


Now a lot of people seem to forget that just because you’re at a rave does not mean to say you take drugs. Whilst everyone around you is popping Mollys and buying countless bottles of water, you’d think it’d be obvious you were the only person who isn’t sweating your back out with a hefty gurn.  ‘Wanna buy some pills?’ I don’t do drugs… ‘Wanna buy some magic then?’ The list becomes never-ending whilst you’re just stood there like ‘No, I don’t want your number just in case I change my mind. LEAVE ME ALONE.’

4) The Slut


There’s always that one girl on a night out who never seems to understand what clothes are. You’re getting into your groove and trying to let off some steam now it’s the weekend. Except there’s the casually slutty girl just grinding right into you, trying to catch near enough every guy’s attention. Come on ladies what happened to self-respect, really?

5) The Creep


A night out is supposed to be a fun experience; saying that, it isn’t always the case when you have the ultimate creep who won’t leave you alone. You try to be nice, just being friendly because you don’t want to come across as being rude, he soon offers to buy you a drink…. Whats the worst that could happen you think to yourself? The problem is that it’s never fine. This man know thinks the £7.80 he paid for you Vodka Cranberry has bought your company for the rest of night. It’s not long before you have your mates scare him off.

Simply down to the Sod’s Law you will now see said creep every time you are next out.

 6. The Crier 

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I’ve never understood why some girls cannot control the water works on a night out. During a night out that includes 3/4 of a bottle wine you had to yourself during pre-drinks, several shots and a drink from the weirdo stalker at the bar the last you thing you want to deal with is a queue for the ladies. Lo and behold when it comes to you relieving yourself you are confronted by a crier. Just like a running tap being forced to listen sniffling and gasps for air in-between cries of “I’m so drunk” and “Why doesn’t he love me” does nothing to help you holding back your own waterworks.

Cheer the f*ck up!

7) The Toe Stepper

drunk girls walking funny

Who doesn’t love a good boogie? Once the drinks are flowing you may even think that your moves aren’t too dissimilar to Chris Brown as opposed to an overweight celebrity on Dancing With The Stars. So there you are having the time of your life cutting a rug on the dance floor until a drunken fool decides to ignore the imaginary bubble of space around you and step on your expose toe with a 5 inch stiletto.  Ofcourse not being a complete d*ckhead she turns around to apologise and promptly stumbles in off into the distance stepping on more toes.


8) The Guy Who Won’t Get the Message


Buying a drink at the bar always seems like the perfect opportunity for every creep to just suddenly appear right next to you and talk. I mean if you’ve been ignoring them for the whole course of the night what makes them think you’re going to talk now?  You don’t even pay attention to them and they’re still talking to you.

9) The Social Media Addicts

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A night out is an opportunity for us all to get absolutely wasted… they said. Then you turn up to the club and every person who you’re out with is constantly on their phone. How the hell are you meant to have a good night if you’re refreshing your twitter every two seconds? I’ve never understood why these people bother going on a night out.

10) The Selfie Queen


Last, but not least, is probably the most annoying person on a night out by far. Yes, you obviously guessed who: The Selfie Queen. This chick will have you taking pictures of her every two minutes. If it isn’t you taking the picture it’s her pouting like there’s no tomorrow and taking it herself.  Don’t get me wrong everyone wants a few decent pictures on a night out; it’s the memories that count. However, is it really necessary for you to make a run for any corner that has good lighting and start a fifteen minute photo shoot?  You are not going to have every guy running circles round you by doing this.

Please give it up.



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