The 10 best way to celebrate your 21st Birthday in London

The 10 Best Ways To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

We’ve all told ourselves on our 18th birthday that we were finally adults but let’s be honest, twenty-one is the big one, the one when you FINALLY feel grown. There’s literally nothing you can’t do now. So let me offer you the the best things to do to celebrate this stage in your life – along with the inevitable pros and cons.

House Party
House Party Dance Kid n Play
The original way to get all your friends under one roof to celebrate your birthday with you. There might be a bit of hassle involved with sorting out invites, or you could do like me and invite every girl in your phonebook. Sorted!
Pros: Tell everyone to bring a bottle for entry = UNLIMITED ALCOHOL.
Cons: Sometimes seeing the same old faces can be a bit of a bore, it’s your 21st you should probably venture out.

Shopping in the West End
Isla Fisher Shopping Shopaholic
I’ve yet to meet a person that didn’t feel better after a spot of retail therapy. London’s West End remains a world famous hotspot for shopping, combining hundreds of shops ranging from High Street to designer boutiques from Oxford Street to Soho.
Pros: You can’t tell me you don’t feel like a million pounds when you cop from the shop, pop the tags and wear it fresh for the same night.
Cons: Shopping is tiring! Trust me keep it to a two people maximum or you’ll be on your feet the whole day.

Host A Birthday Dinner
Chef Cooking Gif
Grabbing a bite to eat should’t be an issue in London, with cuisine available from every corner of the world – you could spin a model globe, randomly land on a country and find it’s native food somewhere in London seriously try it.
Pros: If you intend on surviving the night ahead going in on the alcohol then get some food down you. When your mates have to carry you home on your birthday, trust me they’ll never let you live it down.
Cons: Eating out can be a bit pricey, so choose the right place within your budget or you’ll spend your night washing the dishes. Tragic.

Essex Pool Party
Wlf Of Wal Street Leo Di Caprio
You know what they say, summer bodies are made in the winter, well it’s spring and you know what, you’ve still got time to go hard and get your bikini body to perfection for the Essex Pool Party at the luxurious Kings Oak Members Beach Club on May 25th. Nothing says summer quite like a pool party, shisha, cocktails and a live DJ spinning tracks all day. In May, The Only Way Is Essex for sure.
Pros: Great motivation to get into shape for the summer.
Cons: Warning – Get your accessory game together now – Sunglasses, sunblock, swimming costume etc. Forget one

London Zoo
Zoo Giraffe Gif
London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world and is currently one of the most under appreciated spots in the capital for actual Londoners. Almost 190 years old, it’s home to over 750 species of animal, I guarantee you won’t find a more diverse crowd in London, ok maybe with the exception of carnival.
Pros: A change of scenery is always good, theres nothing more different than coming face to face with a Lion (behind a steel cage obviously!).
Cons: If you haven’t experienced what a Gorilla enclosure smells like, I guarantee it’s not something you want to smell ever again.

Hitting The Clubs
shakazulu london venue camdenshakazulu-friday-xclusivetouch

To celebrate your birthday in true London style, we’ve got you covered. whether it’s the stunningly beautiful Shaka Zulu on a Friday or the VIP experience of Miabella on Saturday. In Clapham Saturday Nights Xclusivetouch manage DNA club, 500 capacity venue playing the best of house and club classics. Saturday Nights in Shoreditch at 93 Feet East and Saturdays at Konnect London 10- 6am . Check out some of the birthday deals on offer at some of London’s most exclusive clubs here.

Pros: Your 21st should always be an epic and memorable night sodo everything to make sure that happens.
Cons: The key to getting the most out of your night is knowing the right people. It’s no exaggeration when I say having the right promoter hook you up can make or break your night.

Clue Quest
adamsfamily-clue-magnifying glass-gif
Clue Quest is the ultimate live escape game – Perfect for friends and families, even work mates. Here’s the drill, you’ve got 60 minutes to escape from Mr Q’s room filled with clues, puzzles and riddles. Basically, it’s like SAW but without the murder, get involved!
Pros: At £20 per person its pretty cheap for a great day out.
Cons: You’ve gotta use your brain so definitely not one for a day when you’re dealing with a killer hangover.

Jumping Out Of A Plane
Sky diving Clouds Gif
Skydiving, of course! There’s no bigger adrenaline rush than jumping out of a plane and free falling from 14,000 feet at speeds of up to 120mph. Definitely something everyone should try at least once in their lives, just make sure you double check your parachute.
Pros:  It’s a once in a lifetime experience.
Cons: The pretty obvious one! Not to worry, the actual risk of anything going wrong are miniscule. You’re more in danger of being in a crash, whilst sat on the back of the bus.

Las Vegas, Nevada – America
Las Vegas Fireworks
At 21 you’re now officially old enough to go wild in Vegas, so if you’re looking for a crazy experience abroad, this is the ultimate adventure. Get ready to hit the infamous Las Vegas strip for a night of entertainment at the many world famous hotels, strip clubs and casinos. Once you’ve fought off the epic hangover, if you decide it’s time to turn down  there are surprisingly, a few cultural options on offer as Vegas is home to several museums and parks.
Pros: Vegas is a city that ever sleeps, one of the true 24hr destinations in the world. You don’t need to send a long time there 3-7 days is enough
Cons: You might’ve heard of the stories of guys that went to Vegas and won big, it’s the stories of those that have lost it all that you need to pay attention to.

Paris, France
Paris France
It’s no secret that that Paris is the romance capital of the world, a great shout for couples wanting to take a break and get away from the craziness of London. In just over two hours you can make it from London to Paris via the Eurostar and wont have to break the bank to do so.
Pros: It’s not London – a change of scenery and getting to spend your birthday in one of the worlds most beautiful cities, what more could you possibly want?
Cons: As it’s abroad you can’t expect all your mates to make the trip with you.



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