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10 celebrities you would love to party with

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 When on a night out I’ve often wondered who’d be the best celebrity that could accompany me and my team in our misadventures. When there is such a wealth of famous people to choose from how could anyone be expected to narrow it down to just one person? No bother, let’s go for 10 celebrities who would make your night legen- wait for it. So, in no particular order…

Justin Timberlake

celebrity , clubbing, partying , nightlife, london, blog, xclusivetouch, music, partying , drinking

JT: Cultural hero. This guy makes some of the best pop music that anyone’s heard since Michael Jackson was in his prime. He’s also dated some of the most incredible women the planet has to offer. As well as these, he seems like he’d be a great guy to go on a night out with. If you’re rollin’ with JT, you’re not getting turned away. You’re getting invited into the swankiest clubs and getting everything for free and being in the middle of anything that goes on. To be honest, he’d probably insist on paying for everything that was offered. He’s just that nice of a guy. –Dary.

50 Cent

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If you were on a night out with Fiddy, you’d see some serious indulgence. I bet Mr Cent could actually make it rain, too. He’d have champagne flowing and you wouldn’t want for anything. It’d be almost shameful but you wouldn’t care, partying with 50 Cent would be an intense experience. Leave the idea of which club you’d go to for a minute, just imagine getting there. You know he’d have some description of ludicrous automobile all ready to take you to a venue of his choice where you’d receive the finest service, you’d probably have quite a comfortable seat, too. Fiddy would treat you right.

Aaron Paul AKA Jessie Pinkman

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Here, we see a man dressed up as a chicken in a restaurant that is Spanish for “The Chickens”. I fail to see any argument where you could justify not wanting to go and get destroyed with Aaron Paul. Breaking Bad was one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all time and there’s a reason for that; it was. If you followed Breaking Bad then you saw Jesse as a man stricken by addiction who could match anyone. OK, crystal meth is slightly different to alcohol but I’d gladly dress as a chicken with Aaron.

Mila Kunis

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Admittedly, Mila Kunis as Jackie Burqhart annoyed me so much. Wingy and spoiled she was just a rubbish character but necessary to the plot. It’d be amazing to go on a night out with Mila but, in all fairness, could you actually be able to say something to her? It’d be mumbled syllable after spluttered vowel. Until you got a few drinks down you, then you’d just make a fool of yourself.

Jimmy Bullard

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James Richard Bullard, one of the all-time footballing heroes. Jimmy has a place in the heart of every football fan because he’s such a fun guy. During his playing days, Jimmy was a Soccer AM favourite and it was his exploits, captured weekly by the show, and his on the pitch shenanigans that people really warmed to. Jimmy would cause no end of hilarity at the bar.

Ms. Dynamite

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I don’t really know much about her, to be honest. The idea of getting drunk and singing “Ms Dynamightee-hee” at her all night really appeals to me, though.

Russell Brand

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This guy divides my opinion so often. He made on the best TV specials in THAT Big Fat Quiz of the Year and speaks of a revolution on an almost daily basis but fails to offer any tangible plans. Regardless of all of this, have you seen Get Him to the Greek? I can imagine, in his pomp, Brand’s nightlife debauchery would have far surpassed this and he’d be more than willing to share his in depth knowledge of London’s best jaunts with you.

Jennifer Aniston

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Like you haven’t dreamt of meeting Rachel Green since you 8 years old and watching Friends? Jen would make for an ideal partner on a night out anywhere. She’d get in to all the best spots, with all the perks. Being seen on a night out with her would do your reputation no harm.


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Maybe an obvious one, but Jay-Z would take you to the best the Empire State has to offer. Also, being one of the world’s wealthiest musicians, there’s no doubt you’d see how the other half lives. There’s nothing that would be done in moderation on a night out with this guy. There’s a good chance he’s calmed down since the birth of his daughter but he’d be ready for one last blowout, for sure.


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C’mon, she had to make the list, didn’t she?



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