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10 Celebrity Bums To Die For

Kim Kardashians now infamous instagram ‘belfie’  sent the Internet crazy with the post receiving over 600 thousand likes in just a couple of hours. With the reality TV star having given birth to baby North West only 4 months before the post she undoubtedly put in some serious work to drop the pregnancy pounds in the process she’s claimed the title MILF Queen.

Kim kardashian  kanye west, bum , selfie, london

Kim’s insta post had Kanye drop everything he was doing and had him “HEADING HOME” unfortunately we aren’t as lucky as the rapper and were only able to pree the photo’s online.

However Kim’s bum selfie got us thinking… Who would make it into a list of top celeb bums? There are countless more pressing questions that need answers but on a dreary afternoon in London what better way to brighten up the last few hours at work/commute home than staring at some of the hottest bums around.

1. Kim K – MILF Queen

kim kardashian, xclusivetouch , bums , selfie, guest list

2. Beyonce – #bootlicious

beyonce , bum, xclusivetouch, curves,

3. Cheryl Cole – pre tattoo that is.

cheryl cole, bums, bum, tits, bummy

4. Pippa Middleton – It was all about that dress

pippa middleton, xclusivetouch, music, bum, sexy , bum

5. Rihanna

rihanna, music, xclusivetouch, bum, sexy, butts

6. Vida Guerra

bum, xclusivetouch, bums, parties, vida guerra

7. Jennifer Lopez -A classic

jennifer lopez, bum , big bum , sexy , xclusivetouch

8. Irina Shayk

irina shayk , bums, sexy , xclusivetouch, bum

9. Kate Upton

kate upton , xclusivetouch , bum , sexy , music , life , music,

10. Amber Rose – Are you watching Miley?

After staring at these you might need a minute or two to compose yourself. If however all that’s happened is feelings of envy and hate have come to surfaced check out our previous Killer Curve Assassin blog post. Follow it and you’ll be sure to get yourself into that killer dress to wear on your big night out.



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