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10 Essentials Every Girl Needs for a Night Out

There is nothing like a night out on the town with the girls. All girls will know that getting ready for a night out can be a military-esque operation. However, rather shockingly not all girls are aware of the 10 essentials for a night out.

We’ve all been there before; the VPL, the inappropriate footwear perhaps even a nip slip. As mortifying as it can be realising that you’ve been afflicted by one of these situations, it can all be very easily avoided.

Check out all the essentials you will ever need for your night out.

1. Tanned Legs


Do you want that perfect tan without the orange glow or the odd streak here and there? In that case, Sally is your girl because this is the photoshop airbrush tool in a can/bottle. Leg makeup – genius! It comes in both spray and lotion (I prefer to go for the lotion) as well as a range of different shades. Just simply apply it before you go out, it dries almost instantly and your legs will transform before your eyes! Girls, if you have yet to come across this, you can thank me later.



It’s a fact that every girl needs that trusty pair of heels they know they can just throw on with everything. I will never understand why some girls wear flats on a night out (unless they’re REALLY tall). If you have not got a lot of high heels, try and invest in TWO black pairs. One plain simple court heel and then the other pair you buy can be a little more edgey – like a chunky shoeboot. Guaranteed, with these two in your wardrobe you will never have to worry about not having heels to go with your outfit. Over time, you can gradually start adding to your collection with colourful shoes because you know you will  always have your staple heels that will always be there for you!

3. THE perfect lipstick


This lipstick does not budge! Take it from a girl who wears lipstick everyday. First apply the colour, wait for it to dry and then apply the sealing balm. You will no longer have to stumble into the ladies bathroom, attempt to reapply your lipstick and come out looking like a clown. This comes in many different shades and will not let you down.

4. Safety Pins


This is a must have for a fashion emergency; either your zip has broken or your friends seam on her dress has come away…you’ll be there to the rescue. Better to be safe than sorry!

Or if you’re feeling really creative…



5. An Umbrella

kiss rain

However, if you’re kissing Ryan Gosling…screw the umbrella!

Lets face it girls, wet hair is not a good look. So make that extra bit of room in your handbag for it instead of putting your bag on your head in attempt to save it! You’ll be grateful you don’t have to hang your head under a hand dryer.

6. The Little Black Dress

black dress

An absolute essential for every girl’s wardrobe; the classic black dress is both elegant and sexy at the same time. This dress should always be in your wardrobe, it will never go out of fashion…you will never throw it out!

7. Controlling Underwear

beyonce body

They may not look so attractive without clothes on but let them work their magic! If you’re a curvy girl like our girl B here, controlling underwear for your stomach and bum will make a world of difference. Also, if you’re wearing a body-can dress, you no longer have to worry about a food baby/bloating…these spanx will hide all of your lumps and bumps. Show off your assets girls!

8. Fix it spray

fix it

If you’re out for the long haul, this is a make-up must! Simply spray it on your face after you have applied your makeup and it will set it in place. It won’t budge, just like your 24 hour lipstick! You will be the envy of all the other girls whose makeup will be running off their face after 1AM. The only thing you will need to go to the toilet for is when you get a call from nature, none of that reapplying business for you! You go Glen Coco!

glen coco

9. Eye Lashes


After having these recommended to me by a friend, I cannot get enough! Eylure107s are just the right amount of false. They’re not too big, so don’t worry – you won’t be blowing all the hot boys away with a blink of an eye. Try them, you’ll be addicted too!

10. Minty fresh breath


Need I say anymore? Nobody wants a kiss from someone smelling of a stale brewery.



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