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10 Places Everyone Should Have Sex Before They're 30

As warm and convenient a setting as the bedroom may be for sexual activities, it’s important to remember that the world is full of potential alternative locations for intimacy. The challenge is surely to attempt to experience them all whilst you’re still young and horny.

Here’s a few ideas to add to that naughty list…

1) The Mile High Club


There are few finer achievements in life than managing to successfully get your end away whilst thousands of feet in the air. The task of shagging on an airplane toilet is no easy feat and will require great communication and teamwork throughout. If this mission is accomplished, give your partner a mile-high five as you join this ever so exclusive club.

2) Sex On The Beach


Anyone who’s ever heard the 1998 floor filler track by T-Spoon, watched Kevin and Perry Go Large, or giggled whilst ordering the namesake cocktail will undeniably be clucking for the chance to quite literally have sex on the beach. The sand, the sea and the sun on a summer holiday abroad makes the prospect all very enticing. Or for a cheaper option, the shores of Bognor Regis are just as suitable.

3) The Back Seat

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If you find yourself bored in the bedroom, then why not spice up your sex life by entering the glamorous world of dogging. Again simplicity is key here and any motor vehicle should be sufficient. There are hotspots for ‘four- wheel f*cking’ all over the place, so be sure to do your research, find the perfect setting and then get to work with your gear stick. Just always ensure to begin with a mirror, signal, manoeuvre.

4) The Blockbuster

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Lets be honest, going to the cinema with your partner  often involves kissing like a pair of soppy teenagers in the back row to compensate for an extremely average film. When the lights are down and you have a moment, why not drop your drawers and liven up the movies by providing your own little private screening. There’s a strong possibility you’ll be promptly asked to leave the premises and end up with a lifetime ban from Cineworld, but the experience will stand you in good stead for future endeavours.

5) The Tub

surfboard beyonce serfboard  drunk in love sex in bath

For the kinky lovers out there, there’s something ironically filthy about having sex in the very same place you wash. So much so, that Beyonce even makes a reference to her surfboard, bathtub antics in her drunk in love track. Whether it’s the shower or the bath, the likelihood is that the ordeal won’t be as erotic as it seems in the movies…however, the excess moisture does at least guarantee that you will both be getting wet… for a change.

6) The Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

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Staying away for a night pretty much guarantees an evening of passion, or a few minutes of passion anyway. The chance to roll about on new territory, with fresh bed sheets is very exciting and knowing that some poor maid has the delightful task of clearing up your mess the following day makes it all the more enjoyable.

7) The Office

office sex couple fantasy

There can’t be many more desirable things than finally getting hold of your hot colleague at the office party and going to ‘work’ on your desk. Imagine the stereotypical scene as you throw stacks of files and documents off the table and then proceed to grind up against the photocopier. It really is the stuff of dreams. Until you inevitably later get fired, but still, what a great way to go.

8) The Club Toilets

sex toilets boy girl london club romance

A slightly more grim destination by all accounts, however sometimes whilst eating the face off a stranger on the dance-floor you may begin to feel urges which simply require immediate attention. Enter the toilet cubicle, as you sneak in, bolt the door and proceed to rampantly make love in the exact spot that hundreds of people have previously shat and vomited. Very sexy.

9) The Nature Boy


Who isn’t a fan of the great outdoors? Summer time is perfect for long long walks in the park with your loved one. The thought has probably crossed your mind on many occasions so why not take a leaf out of Katie’s book and find yourselves a nice secluded spot?

10) The Pool Table



You probably could use any table in this situation, although throughout history, it seems that the pool table is a popular choice due to stability and will support your body weight during the penetration. There also is something quite appealing about frantically pocketing all the balls before you unleash your own set.




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