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The 10 Questions Every Man Should Ask Themselves Before Making Her Wifey

Guys in their 20’s love being single and if they’re not then its likely that they spend a lot of time thinking about the idea of it. Sure being in a relationship has its positives; it’s just that most guys in their early 20’s see it is as there being a lot more fun to be had being single.

This is where it gets tricky, the thing about being single is that you will always be meeting new women, you’ll date a lot of them and attempt to get as many as possible into bed, whether that be at your bachelor pad or at your parents (fix up). It’s just down to the law averages that you’ll meet someone that seems like a bit more of catch.

As preposterous as this sounds you may even find yourself starting to catch feelings for her. It’s at this point you should stop and really assess whether she is wifey material.

Here are 10 of the many questions you should ask yourself before wife-ing her.

1. Is she an instagram hoe? insta hoe, xclusivetouch, instragram, love, relationships, passion

Is scrolling through her Instagram a bit like flicking through a top shelf magazine. As hot as she is having a girl whose heart beats for likes on her Selfie’s and Belfie’s on insta shows you just how insecure she really is. Do you really want to be dealing with that? 

2. Does she know how to tie a tie?

10 signs, wifey material, xclusivetouch , love , passion, tie

It’s just sexy

3. Does she know more promoters than you?

promoters, london clubs, nightlife in london, parties in london, clubs ,

We all love a night out, who doesn’t? It would be stupid to say that it didn’t help knowing a promoter or two to hook you up with a queue jump, access to vip and a few drinks here or there. But why does she seem to know EVERY promoter whenever you go out? As a promoter I can’t help but think “Ahh poor Guy, if only he knew” whenever I see a guy proudly walking in to a club I’m hosting at hand in hand with a reformed hoe.

4. Does she dance like this in the club…

dance in the club, relationhips

But when you’re in bed at home it goes down like this?

reality, check , love, romance

5. Does she make you feel like a genius?  genuis, rock tom ford, love, xclusivetouch

As endearing as the occasional blonde moment may be, if you’re constantly finding yourself dumbing down conversation you’ll get bored pretty quickly, regardless of how hot she is.

6. Does she rock Tom Ford? tom ford, xclusivetouch , nightclub promoter, nightlife

There’s nothing wrong with her rocking Tom Ford, or any other designers for that matter. She looks good right? A friend once told to never trust a woman that struts around in Louboutins but is always broke.

7. Has she told you that she gets on better with guys and doesn’t really have any girl friends?

bitch , please, wifey, material

That was your line bro. *Drake Voice* Remember?

8. Is her speciality beans on toast?

beans on toast, xclusivetouch, nightclub , london , nightlife,

Now this point isn’t born out sexism, it’s just as important for guys to be able to cook, you’re both adults. Anyway its common knowledge that women love a man that cooks for them. You just don’t want to find yourself pretending to look forward to same bland pasta bake out of jar whenever she decides it’s her turn to cook.

9. Have you seen her go the ‘bathroom’ in public?

bathroom , ladies, nightclub, parties

Just stop it! Its not the most pleasant of sites when your boys do it after a, this is no different. Just worse!

10.  She had a sex tape?

sex , tape, love, passion, kim kardashian

You really don’t want Ray J having one up on you…



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