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10 Things to check before leaving a club with a guy

Have you ever woken up on the morning after of the night before with someone who looks more like this:

weird face

than this:


Not to worry, to make sure this doesn’t happen again we have compiled a list of checks to make before leaving the club with someone.

1. Teeth/Breath


One of the first things you should notice is his smile. Make sure his teeth look clean and his breath isn’t something that can’t be cured with a quick mint. Smelly breath and gross teeth are definitely a turn off when kissing.

2. Short nails, no dirt.


Good hygiene is essential. You don’t want dirty hands rubbing you up and down do you? If he doesn’t take care of what you can see then he probably doesn’t take care of what you can’t see.

3. Shoes


Believe it or not, physiologists say that you can judge 90% of a person’s characteristics by looking at their shoes. So check them out, they might tell you whether or not he’s a high earner or emotionally unstable.

4. Is he wearing a wedding ring?


You don’t want a bit of harmless fun to turn into a Jeremy Kyle saga so make sure he isn’t hiding anything.

5. Is he a giver?


Has he bought you and your friends some drinks? Has he given you loads of compliments? You don’t want to be stuck with a tight arse because after all you have to admit that getting the VIP treatment is lush.

6. Is he a grafter?


Don’t just let any guy think he’s in with a chance of being with you. Even if in the back of your mind you are already undressing him make him work for you and show him you’re not easy. This way, you can tell if he actually likes you or he’s just there for one thing…

7. Does he remember your name?



Before leaving the club make sure he has remembered your name! You don’t want to be in the middle of sex and he suddenly shouts out a random name. That would be awkward and a HUGE turn off.

8. Is he a good kisser


Make sure he’s a good kisser before leaving the club. This could give you an idea of what is in store in the bedroom. You don’t want to be left with saliva or bite marks all over your mouth. Ew.
9. Do you have protection?




There’s no point even going home with someone if neither of you don’t have any protection. You don’t want to go all Catherine Heigl in ‘Knocked Up’ do you? Remember, you don’t know where he’s been!

10. Get a second opinion.


Finally, ask your friends what they think of the guy you fancy. They’ll tell you if he’s a munter and whether or not you have your beer goggles on. You don’t want to wake up in the morning thinking you’ve been exorcised and the demon has fell asleep next to you, do you?



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