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The 10 Things No Man Should Ever Say To A Girl If He Wants To Get Laid

Getting a girl into bed, isn’t all that hard. You’ve just got to know what to say to her. “You’re beautiful” “I love that you’re not like other girls” and “I’m so glad I met you” are on top of the phrases for successfully bedding her list.

But when it comes to getting her from the bar to the bedroom and from the bedroom to your bed, it’s not just about what you say… but about what you keep to yourself too.

If it’s ultimate female turn offs we’re talking about, then these are at the top of our “just shut you’re f**king mouth” list:

1. “I Can’t Use A Condom” Snake skin condom use wrap it sex gif

“I’m allergic”, “my penis is too big”, “I got tested last week”… “I’ll pull out”. You’re fooling absolutely no one. Now we just think you’re an STI riddled father of three. No thank you.

2. “I’m Not Into Relationships Right Now” Angry Milk go choke on a dick gif how to piss off annoy a girl gif

You’re a guy, believe me, it’s assumed that you’re ‘not into’ relationships. Saying it out loud… doesn’t help. No girl wants to hear “I only see this as a bit of fun”, especially since she’s probably worked that out for herself…. after all you men, are seldom masters of subtlety.

3. “My Ex Is A Psycho” Adele Kill Ex Boyfriend Angry Psycho Ex GIF

This translates to one of two things:

1. I treated my ex like shit and she went insane on me.
2. My ex is a psycho and if she finds out we’re hooking up, she’ll probably run you down in her Fiat 500.

We’ll pass, on both.

4. “I’ve Got A Really Early Start Tomorrow So, Erm Should We Pre-Order Your Taxi From Now?” Leave After Sex Awkward Gif Rude Morning After

Chances are, she doesn’t want to spend the night. Staying the night at a guys house is a big event for us, we need “natural” makeup, clean underwear, a toothbrush, perfume, face cream and all sorts of other “I’m such a natural beauty” equipment.

Unless she came to yours with a small holdall or backpack, just assume she’s probably going home.

5. “Why You Being Frigid For?” Frigid Aint Got All Day Rude men Turn Off Gif

For the record, it counts as ‘frigid’ when you’ve been dating for 5 plus months. ‘Frigid’ is not really the correct term if you’ve known her for 3 days and she’s yet to spread them for you. Whether she wants to or not, for her own conscience, she wants to seem like she’s put up a bit of fight and played slightly hard to get.

Calling her frigid, just makes you seem like a douche and her feel like she should wait even longer.

6. “So… Is Your Friend Single?” Blonde Rachel McAdams Do You Think I'm An Idiot Angry Woman GIF

Just don’t go there.

7. “I’m A Promoter” Aziz-ansari-club-promoter-high-levels-of-swagger-gif

You’re what now? *Runs away*

8. “I’m Not Usually Into Curvy Girls But You’re Quite Sexy” Excuse me angry fat curvy girls rude offended gif

Oh come on, if you’re going to go there, you might as well just call her “fat” and get it over with. Backtrack all you like, you’re not getting laid tonight. The only thing she’s putting in her mouth from this point on is a stuffed crust pizza. Her one true love.

9. “Have You Ever Thought About Having A Boob Job” Barney Stinson Boobs How I met your mother big tits gif

Never imply a girl is anything less that perfect. Don’t like her boobs? Keep it to yourself, otherwise the chance of you getting to inspect them closer, is slim to none.

10. “Wanna Go For A Drive?” Britney fuck you i'm out gif i'll pass not interested angry

Asking a girl if she wants to go for a drive, is pretty much like admitting you like her enough for sex, but don’t like her enough to spend money on an actual date.

Convincing though your excuses may be “oh I really want to see you tonight, but I’m just too tired to go out… lets just go for a drive” no one’s buying them. Going through McDonald’s drive through for a McFlurry and some lukewarm chips doesn’t count as panty dropping stuff.



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