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10 things you need to do before you are 30

Bucket Lists have always been a popular concept. All it entails is filling up your metaphorical bucket with dreams and wishes rather than water, so that when you finally kick the bucket all of these ideas should’ve been accomplished by then. This has led to sub-buckets ensuring that goals are set before certain milestones. The long-lasting panic that surrounds those of us who are seemingly unfulfilled is strange when compared to the short life span of the Mayfly, but nonetheless here are 10 things that us 20 somethings should be doing before we’re 30.

1. Become a loner

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The idea of being alone is truly a frightening experience. Most of us have finished or are finishing our education which gives us the perfect opportunity to relocate, live alone and see how we cope with an extended period of time by ourselves. For those of you, who are reluctant to be alone, remember Volleyballs make good friends too.

2. Face up to your fears

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If a family is something you consider pursuing when you’re older then you’ll have to get used to the idea of people relying on you. Now is the perfect time to overcome your fears, whether they be serious trust issues or your scared of moths…seriously moths are scary.

3. Run a Marathon 

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The benefits of running a marathon is a two way street. Intrinsically you feel the benefits of helping others and raising money, whilst extrinsically you get a healthier lifestyle. Look around whilst everyone else is spending their spare time watching Made In Chelsea and The Valleys you could be out running those valleys. 

4. Learn how to cook

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It is almost a given that at some point in your life you are going to have to provide for yourself. The one fundamental that you should be learning is that of cooking. Piercing the lid on a microwave meal with a fork does not count. Learn the importance of a healthy balanced meal. Not only do you get to live a better quality of life, but also it is a great way to impress a potential loved one.

5. Write a book

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It is ridiculously hard to get a book published. In fact the majority of us that actually attempt to write a book will have it rejected, but that doesn’t matter. Writing and reading for that matter is a great journey of self-discovery and helps us express our ideas and wishes. Keep those rejection letters as well as it shows that rejection, in all aspects of life, isn’t that big of a deal

6. Hitchhike dressed as the Cookie Monster

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I once hitchhiked to Paris dressed as the Cookie monster, sleeping under skate ramps on the way. There is nothing wrong with escaping from your everyday life. If the pressure of work or education is getting the better of you, just leave it behind for a few days. Grab an overnight bag, some supplies and just go somewhere that you can realistically get to. You’ll feel a release and realise that the pressures back home can be dealt with. 

7 . Never be content with yourself

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Some days you’ll wake up feeling on top of the world; other days you’ll hate yourself. No matter which way you feel, you should always strive to be better. Whether its losing some weight, helping others around you or broadening your horizons you can always do just a little bit more. This obviously applies after your 30 as well.

8 . Hit rock bottom

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Get it out the way nice and early and remember the pain that you felt from it. People will always throw the idiom ‘things could be worse’ at you and they probably could. There is however something innately wrong with feeling like the world is conspiring against you. Lost the love of your life? Been made redundant? Gone bankrupt? All of the above? It’s ovbviously ok to mourn a death or to feel down from time to time, its not to wallow in misery and self-pity. On coming through your struggles you’ll be a stronger person! 

9. Blow a load of money at the casino

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You’re probably at the age where a late night trip to the Casino is becoming something of a tradition on a night out. You know how it goes you win some, you lose some. Well I’m saying lose, and lose hard. Don’t blow too much money that you can’t provide for yourself but by losing your savings or student loan, you can really begin to understand how privileged you have been. Don’t be afraid to lose money whilst you don’t have to worry about mortgages or putting others through school. 

10.  Go out of your way to help someone else

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This can be as simple as giving someone your seat on the train, to something as serious as giving them your kidney. People are obsessed with how others view them. What we fail to remember is that they only get to see what we want them to see, so put on a show for them, help that old lady across the road, be a shoulder to cry on, throw the One Ring into Mount Doom and stop the Dark Lord and people will really see the best in you. 



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