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10 Tweets About The World Cup That Will Leave You With ZERO Faith In Mankind‏

World Cup fever has taken grip of the nation, sure England have crashed out but there is still another 3 weeks of the biggest tournament of the sporting calender. So strong is the grip of the World Cup that we’re actually putting up with that Daniel Sturridge Subway advert, although Adrian Chiles is starting to grate.

Of course, not everyone in the country is as taken aback by the tournament and you can spot these World Cup scrooges a mile off. They’re the people that ask you if you want to go to the cinema on a Wedensday night and react angrily when you tell them you’re busy between 4pm-2am because you will be consuming each of the three games this brilliant tournament offers each day. Even worse are those that suggest switching the channel to catch #TOWIM on plus 1 or some other sh*te on TV.

I get that football isn’t for everybody, I don’t understand when people aren’t a fan a fan of the beautiful game, but I’ve learned to accept it, we live in 21st century and each to their own and all that. I can deal with it. Without trying to sound like a snob; I just wished that if football isn’t for you that you’d just leave it at that and didn’t get involved by tweeting some ridiculous things.

We will just laugh at your stupidity!

 1. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo – universally adored.


3. Teddy Sheringham and Bobby Moore were instrumental in England’s 1966 World Cup victory, apparently.

6. Gareth Bale would be decent cutting in on the right. Roy Hodgson needs to buy him.



7. Yes Ryan, it still counts…



8. Poor Brazil.


9. Football or Basketball?


10. Actually that’s quite a good point.

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