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chappelle show its rick james bitch hold my drink

10 years on Dave Chappelle’s “I’m Rick James, bitch!” Sketch Is Still Hilarious.

There’s something about anniversaries that makes people all misty eyed and nostalgic. Kanye’s release of his debut album was celebrated with a grand cake but Dave Chappelle’s legendary skit went largely unnoticed.

10 years ago yesterday, the Dave Chappelle show created a sketch which my 11 year old mind really did not understand in the slightest. I didn’t know who Charlie Murphy was, I didn’t know who Rick James (bitch) was so at the time, the sketch didn’t really make me laugh. Fast forward 10 years to this morning and I’m sat in my room watching this 3 times in a row, doubling over with laughter.

The whole “I’m Rick James, bitch” is so simple but so unbelievably funny. If you haven’t seen the sketch itself, you’ve probably heard someone do a poor impersonation of the impersonation of Rick James. I myself have loudly, and brashly, told many of my female friends to “Hold my drink, bitch. I’m Rick James!” A select few get it; they’re the ones to keep around. Any girl that laughs at that should automatically be considered ‘wifey’ material.

chappelle show its rick james bitch hold my drink

Basically, the video itself follows the blossoming friendship between the aforementioned Rick James and one of the show’s stars and writers, Charlie Murphy. It is put across as being a bit of a tense relationship, this is mostly due to the fact that Charlie has to routinely smack Rick into line because, after all, “cocaine is a hell of a drug”.

dave chappelle show rick james bitch cocaine hell of a drug

True that, Rick, true that.

There are so many quotable moments from this skit which has cemented its place in comedic folklore and developed a serious cult following, maybe not for the show itself but certainly for this one skit. The video does really make you want to kick the shit out of Rick James for that appalling joke. SLAP.



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