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kim kardashian black girl selfie fail

Your 14 Step Guide To The Perfect Selfie

There are some seriously awful selfies out there.  Most of us have the sense to delete any sickeningly abysmal ones before sharing them with the world, but there are a fair few that have been published by idiots, or have accidentally found their way out of their phone’s cosy clutches.  With ‘reply all’ sitting happily next to ‘reply’ it is all too easy for our self indulgent moments to be revealed to the masses.  However, there are some photos that should NEVER have been taken let alone shared.

Here are a few hints and tips to help you avoid an embarrassing fate.  Unless of course you recognise yourself below in which case I hope you have learnt from your mistakes; if you are proud or jealous of what you see, you are a lost cause and have probably already created a calendar of yourself and distributed it to your friends.

1.  Don’t get your Gran to help you

selfie gran grandma nana leg holding up

2. Avoid the beached whale look

selfie mum photographer large lady bathroom mirror

3.  Nobody likes a bootleg

kim kardashian black girl selfie fail

What was she thinking?

4.  Avoid using photoshop, it can be tricky

photoshop fail hips dont lie shakira rihanna

Oh Shakira, Shakira.

5.  Don’t get snap happy when driving

selfie dog car driving

Dogs eating your face when driving should also be avoided.

6.  Time & Place Is Key

obama selfie david cameron fail

Also asking your girlfriend/wife if they want in on some selfie action might be an idea.

7.  Understand the joys of cropping

selfie friend on toilet

Why not just wait 10 minutes?

9.  NEVER Let Your Child Get Involved

selfie child boobs naked

Worst parenting ever; this child will be scarred for life.  Is he smoking too??  Call the NSPCC right now.

10. Having Your Child Behind You Is A No

selfie fail mum son same room

Umm where are his hands?

11.  Putting Your Child A Short Distance Away Won’t Help Either

selfie child background

12.  Making Them The Photographer Counts Too, It’s Just Wrong

selfie child photographer

13. Use A Selfie To Check For Potential Burglars

selfie shit brix under bed person girl

14.  Go To Great Lengths To Capture A More Interesting Selfie Than All Those Other Wankers In The Bathroom Mirror!

This girl is a legend!  After legging it on to the pitch at the College World Series baseball final, she snaps herself in the grasps of security.

selfie baseball pitch invasion college world series final security guard


selfie baseball running on to pitch college world series final girl



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