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Grammy Awards Worst Dressed Celebrities

2014 Grammy Awards: Outfit Disasters

56th Annual Grammy Awards Los Angeles Nadeea Volianova Worst Dressed

Worst: Nadeea Volianova

Let’s be honest, if it’s high fashion and drama you’re after, the Grammy’s are the one. Gucci, Costello and pretty much every other designer in town have been working tirelessly to ensure our celebrities were red carpet ready, yet once again the King and Queens of music have proved that while money buys a hell of a lot of things, it doesn’t buy style.

Electronic artist Nadeea Volianova definitely made a statement, in her green prom dress monstrosity, landing herself at the head of our Grammy 2014 worst dressed list. A position she has become familiar with over the years. However to be fair to the Russian born singer, she is coming on leaps and bounds from her title of “Sluttiest Grammy Awards” dress some years back. You go girl.

Madonna Suit Worst Dressed Grammy Awards 2014


Next on the list, is our list is the lady of showbiz herself. Her outfit speaks for itself and it’s saying all the wrong things. Though on the plus side, her ensemble has served to distract us from her Gold Grills.

Madge also brought the ultimate life-size accessory with her: her adopted son David Banda who wore a matching black suit. The youngster did reveal that it was his idea for the two of them to wear matching suits to the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

Proving once and for all, that motherly love really does trump fashion.

Steven Tyler also made the cut, but that doesn’t come as a shock to anyone who laid eyes on his Persil white suit.

Steven Tyler Grammy Awards White Suit 2014

Steven Tyler

Though Tyler apparently also auditioned to perform the Grammy’s mass wedding ceremony, so we can only assume he purchased the suit for the occasion and decided to wear it anyway, even when the part went to Madge.

It’s not just the suit which shocked audiences, but the unexpected mustache also. The Aerosmith singer was supporting a very Jack-Sparrow-esque look from the shoulders up and we’re not completely sure we’ve warmed to it yet.

Oh well, hopefully his singing on the night was a bit more of a hit than his ensemble.

The worst dressed list continues with Katy Perry, who to be fair, was always going to find it hard to follow on from last years breast-ilicious dress.

Katy Perry Valentino Gown Grammy Awards 2014

Katy Perry

Katy wore a busy Valentino Haute Couture gown just days after it appeared on the catwalk. The frilly white number was delicately painted with music sheets and while it seems somewhat fitting for the occasion, we’re just not sure she can pull it off (sorry Katy).

Though if it helps, with a face like that, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t matter what she wears. That being said, some things just belong on the catwalk and this is one of them.

All was not lost however, Katy Perry did manage to squeeze in a dress change before the after party, swapping white fluff for blue sequins. An improvement… somewhat.

Paula Patton Pharrell Williams Rita Ora Worst Dressed Grammy Awards 2014

Chrisette Michele, Rita Ora and Pharrell Williams

The list goes on as our poorly dressed celebrities flock the 2014 Grammy Awards. We’ve seen it all this year, everything from Pharrell in Adidas (no, really) and Chrisette Michele in something we’re not even sure how to describe. It’s green and blue and yellow and turquoise and that’s all I have to say about that. 

Rita Ora wore Green, Paula Patton wore zebra print and my God, we love her but we did not love Kathy Griffin’s bright blue snake print full length gown.

Admittedly some of our celebs look as though they were in a designer warehouse explosion, but you’ve got to give it to them, we’re going to be talking about some of these outfits for a long, long time.



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