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29 Hot Angelina Jolie GIFS To Celebrate Her 39th Birthday

Today is Angelina Jolie’s 39th birthday. Though let’s be honest, age really doesn’t matter when you look like our Ange.

In celebration of her last 39 fabulous years, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite GIFs and remind ourselves while Mrs Jolie, really is one of the hottest celebrity women to walk the Hollywood Boulevard.

When it comes to Angelina Jolie style sex appeal, Mr & Mrs Smith seemed like the right place to start.

1. It’s hot hard to see why our Brad fell for her.
Angelina Jolie Hot Mr and Mrs Smith gif sexy dominatrix

2. She’s hot when she’s wet.
angelina jolie sexy tattoos gif

3. And when she’s angry

4. And especially when she’s holding a gun…
Angelina Jolie Gun Gif lips hot

5. Not to mention that she looks fabulous in leather


6. Yeah we can’t get enough of that leather
angelina jolie leather gif

7. She even somehow pulls off this horrible yellow t-shirt
angelina jolie smoking smoke gif chair blonde

8. In fact there’s nothing she can’t pull off. Even facial prosthetic’s…
Angelina Jolie Maleficent Costume Smiling GIF

9. and bright blonde hair
Angelina Jolie Gone In 60 Seconds Blonde GIF Car Hot

10. In fact it’s no wonder we love Angie so much. She has the whole package. From come-sex-me eyes:
Angelina Jolie Birthday gif tomb raider tanned seductive gif

angelina jolie flirt face gif

angelina jolie seductive hot gif

13. To the ability to casually wield a gun
angelina jolie guns gif

Angelina Jolie Gun Gif

15. Which lets be honest, is always a plus
Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider Gif

16. But I think her greatest appeal is how certain we are, that she’d be absolutely great in bed:
Mr and Mrs Smith Sex Scene Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Sex Scene Gif

17. And would probably still wake up the next morning looking fabulous:
angelina jolie sleep gif

18. But it’s not just about sex appeal. Our Angie is a woman of many hobbies too…
tomb raider training angelina jolie gif

19. Many many hobbies:
angelina jolie girl interrupted gif

20. Many many many hobbies: angelina jolie johnny depp kiss the tourist gif

21. She is a woman of many different looks too:
Beowulf angelina jolie body gif

22. Not to mention that Angelina is one classy lady:
The tourist angelina jolie beautiful gif

Angelina jolie lipstick classy gif

angelina jolie classy gif

25. Well, most of the time anyway…angelina jolie sex gif

26. So here’s to you Mrs Jolie-Pitt. A drink to your never ending fabulousnessAngelina Jolie Blonde Shot Drink Gif toast birthday

27. Happy Birthday Angelina. Here’s to you.angelina-jolie-hot-drinking-cocktail-gif

28. You really do make the rest of us, seem less than average.
Angelina Jolie Gif Sorry

29. And p.s. You don’t look a day over 35



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