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3 Reasons why Drake is the Best rapper alive

3 Reasons why Drake is the Best rapper alive

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I’m pretty sure that a huge percentage of you guys reading this wouldn’t agree with the title, some of you may go so far as to say that you could list 4 reasons you think he’s not in the time it took for this page this to load.

It would be hard to argue that he isn’t ridiculously talented, perhaps some would say that he’s too talented and that it’s his singing/softness that stops him from being rated as best rapper alive.

After much heated debate in the office over who’s King of the roost in the rap game, its soon became pretty obvious that its something we weren’t going to agree on. What perhaps even more difficult is the agreeing on the categories that the best rapper in the game should be judged by. The 3 points listed below are anything but a real analysis of Drake lyrically or as an artist in general. They are however 3 reasons as to why you have you have to give the guy props!



1. Chris Brown’s Chin Gash

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Chris Brown, he’s talented! He’s good looking, can sing and dance both brilliantly, act and rap both rather badly. He’s just not very likeable. There’s a certain je ne sais qoui with him…. Well if I’m really honest with myself I do know why. I’d like to think that most of you would agree. No amount of singing, dancing and looking good will lead to us forgiving him for assaulting Rihanna in 2010…even if she eventually did.

For all of you out there that would argue; he was young, made a mistake and has learned from it. My response to you and by ‘you’ I’m guessing its probably a legion of thirsty (for lack of a better word) hoes would be to fix up.

Anyway I digress, all of this said its no surprise then that when Drakes bottle met Breezys chin in a New York nightclub in 2012.  We all rubbed our hands together in a fashion not to dissimilar to Mr Burns. (Thirsty hoes aside)


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2. It’s all about [the] memes

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A lot of HIP HOP fans call out Drake for being too emotional. Most criticisms of his new album “Nothing was the Same” are either that every other song is a love one or that the album makes for a great listen if your attempting to hit the hay.


I’d call it a grower, there’s definitely a few great tracks nestled in between the call your ex anthem that is ‘Furthest Thing’ and the secure yourself a snuggle buddy hit  ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’. Tracks like ‘The Language’ and ‘Pound Cake’ featuring a killer verse from Jay Z add that extra bit of masculinity in to the mix. Just enough so you feel comfortable playing it in in your car, your boys in tow with your windows wound down. Not too loudly of course….Well unless ‘Started From The Bottom’ comes on.


Drakes ‘softness’ has given birth to some of the most memorable memes to grace the Internet!


One of the best has got to be #starbucksdrakehands, it was actually trending earlier this week.  As with all of the best memes it needs a pretext.


Guy meets girl in Starbucks, Guy attempts to woo the girl by sending a video of him posing a la Blue Steel (Zoolander) with an added head stroke, Drakes ‘Hold on, We’re Going Home’ plays in the background.



Not surprisingly the subject of his affections didn’t rate his game to highly and subsequently shared the video on instagram. It soon went viral with people posting their own impressions.



There are hundreds if not thousands of Drake memes out there, here are some of our favourites.

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3. The constant beef – Common, Chris Brown, Kendrick

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It goes without saying that beef and HIP HOP are synonymous! Its hard to name a rapper out there that hasn’t dropped a bar dissing a contemporary; Biggie and Tupac, Common and Jay Z and Nas, 50 and The Game.


Drake seems to have mastered the art of stirring up a storm in the rap game. Not being the one to advocate violence (unless it involves Breezys chin), with Drake the beef never seems like it’ll ever reach boiling point. Usually it’s because he breaks into song a couple of bars before his targets feelings are actually really hurt.


In the first section Chris Brown Chin Gash I made the conscious decision of not explaining what sparked the nightclub brawl between Drizzy and Breezy.  The pair hadn’t had the best of relationships before hand and I suppose Drake having had a fling with Rihanna probably didn’t help the situation. Surprisingly Breezy took the high road and sent a bottle of champagne to Drakes table as a peace offering…The bottle was returned accompanied with a note that read “Im fucking the love of your life, deal with it”. I think it would be fair to say that in this case feelings were hurt!


Aside from that it’s all in good jest with Aubrey (praise be to God for middle names). His spat with Common in late 2011 early 2012 ended amicably enough. Presumably because Commons initial diss on ‘Sweet’, and Drakes response on stay scheming were both in-directs; the rap games equivalent to a bbm status update gunning them mid bbm argument, not that anyone uses bbm anymore but its an appropriate analogy.


Recently there have been countless articles and blogs post written about Kendrick Lamars ‘Control’ verse in which he calls out pretty much every rapper in the game at the moment.



Although Drake hasn’t really thrown out a response lyrically as of yet in a recent interview did fuel the fire by saying “That [‘Control’] verse was a moment to talk about [but] are you listening to it now, though?”…Valid point Drake!

Perhaps it was this that then encouraged Kendrick to go for Drake in his freestyle on the BET HIP HOP Awards. Kendricks complete cypher will air on October 15th.  Perhaps Drakes playing the waiting game and will drop something after that? Think it’d be fair to say that we all want to hear a response, until then though lets all grab our ladles and get stirring.

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