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The 5 Dirty Little Secrets You Should Keep From Your Boyfriend

Honesty is always the best policy! Really, I mean is it really?

It seems couples these days feel it imperative to share every little detail with each other. Proudly boasting that “we have no secrets” to your friends seems an impressive feat. In reality there are some things that just do not need to be shared with your loved one. Ideally just kept under lock and key in a dark basement. So here are some little gems that you should keep hidden forever, or until he is in too deep to escape your grasp!

1. Period Details

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By all means tell your boyfriend that you’re on your period (I mean how else you are meant to get them to leave you alone with no questions asked?). But no guy wants to know the gory details of what is happening down there. Sorry girls, it’s a burden we must bare alone. The most we can get them to help with is to fetch a hot water bottle, a cup of tea, and give us cuddle.

2. Any Other Bodily Functions For That Matter

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Girls aren’t as perfect as guys think we are. We burp and fart as much as the next dude. While some guys admire a girl for this, others think it’s just wrong. So this seems to be obvious, but any grim facts about things leaving any orifice of your body are on a need to know basis. Meaning only YOU need to know. Think about it this way: do you want to know all about your boyfriend’s daily excretions!? No? Okay then.

3. The Amount of Digits on Your Credit Card Bill


This is for all those couples who are financially involved, or saving up. So you’ve treated yourself to a new pair of Louboutins, nothing wrong with that! But do yourself a favour and hide the receipt from your significant other. He’d have a heart attack if he found out you are strutting around in shoes worth more than his car! What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, just hide them in your wardrobe along with that Versace bag and Dior dress. No harm done.

4. Every Detail about Your Ex

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Chances are your exes will come up in conversation with your boyfriend. That doesn’t mean you need to share every detail about your past relationship, especially if you’re in a new one. Do not mention how your ex would take you to all these lovely places when you’re new boyfriend can only afford a Nando’s on the odd occasion, it will just make him feel… well, shit.

5. Your Crush On The Next Door Neighbour

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It is perfectly fine to think that your fitness instructor is a Greek God, but you’re boyfriend does not need to know this. It just makes them feel bad really. As much as they act the tough part, men are really sensitive, they want to know as much as we do that they are the special guy in our lives. And let’s be honest, you definitely don’t want to be hearing about all the hot girls he checks out when you’re back is turned. Because who are you kidding? He is probably worse than you!

So girls, a little white lie and a little concealing of the truth doesn’t seem like such a sin now does it?

trey songs secret whisper shhh



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