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5 Of The Hottest Athletes At The Sochi Winter Olympics

As you may have noticed, Russia is the focal point of the winter sports world right now. This is due to that thing called the Winter Olympics where a bunch of folks get together to do crazy flips on whatever piece of wood, plastic or other space age material they’re competing on.

The Olympics is great for several reasons; the sports are much cooler than the summer Olympics (apart from curling), the wipe outs are HUGE and the athletes competing are so much hotter. Admittedly, during the Olympics of 2010, me and my friends had a short period of falling head over heels for the Swedish handball team. This is the same Swedish handball team that ended up ‘partying’ in Usain Bolt’s hotel room, whatever we accept that verb to mean.


Usain Bolt is still the king of broadband but this must have been his crowning glory.

Anyway, while sports like Basketball, Handball and Sprinting are all great to watch, I don’t take anywhere near the same enjoyment out of them that I do from watching people go hurtling down a frozen slope at nearly 50 miles an hour on a tea tray.

If you’ve really been watching, though, you’ll have noticed the sports are just a sideshow for the amount of insanely hot athletes that are on show. It’s pretty great that Tinder seems to have become all the rage there, too. To be fair, when you put a ton of 20-somethings who are all at their physical peaks into a confined space then you’ve gotta be pretty naïve to think that they’ll be calling it a night at 9pm sharp…

If you were in the athlete village and saw some of these girls, you’d be right on Tinder as well…

Silje Norendal – Snowboard


This is Silje Norendal and she is a total babe. Having been given her first snowboard at age 4, she has since gone on to win Gold in the 2013 Winter X Games although you probably haven’t read any of this.

Torah Bright – Snowboard


27-year-old Australian, Torah Bright medalled in Sochi gaining Silver in the Ladies’ Halfpipe. If you twin that the fact that she’s super hot, I think we can agree that she has won the moral gold.

Clair Bidez – Snowboard


I’m currently kicking myself for never taking up Snowboarding when I had the chance. If somebody would have told me that getting really good at it would have got me to the Olympics with her, I’d be taking home the Gold.

Kiira Korpi – Figure Skating


Being “widely regarded as the most beautiful women in figure skating” has never been more appropriate. 25-year-old Kiira looks incredible on the ice as well as off of it. She’s won medals everywhere. Did I mention that leg, by the way?

Aja Evans – Bobsled


Most of us will be aware of the Bobsled thanks to ‘Cool Runnings’, one of the greatest Disney films going. However, we should probably be more up to date with it if we have competitors like Aja Evans.

It’s a great time to be watching the Winter Olympics, folks. I suggest you tune in before you miss out.



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