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5 rappers who have disappeared off the face of this earth

Picture the scene. You’re at the club, drink in hand, your not quite cutting a rug but you’ve got a little shuffle (I like to call this the warm up). The music isn’t really pumping just yet, they haven’t played your song but when they do, you know the club won’t be ready for your moves.  You’re waiting for the DJ to drop the one banger that’ll get the party started, but before he does, that song comes on. The one song you’ve not heard in years and has pretty much every one mouthing “Oh my days I remember this song!” We’ve all been there, and know its great when a real crowd pleaser comes on but although we might remember these incredible songs, we don’t always remember the artists who made them. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane; to take a look at a few artists, whose careers have gone stealth mode, invisible, non-existent…you get the picture.


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There is no denying that the very early 2000 hip hop/rnb scene belonged entirely to Ja Rule. From his official debut in 1999 with “Holla Holla” he was churning out the hits like “Between Me and You” and “Always On Time” both solo and with notable collaborators like Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez. However, since his very public ailment with a certain 50 Cent at the height of his career, Ja Rule has fallen off the rap radar. His last noteworthy record was 2004’s “New York”. Ja is apparently an actor now having most recently starred in an urban film with ex 3LW member Adrienne Bailon called “I’m In Love With A Church Girl.” I can’t make this stuff up people.


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The sweet boy, fun time protégé of Ludacris became an instant hit with his summer anthem “Right Thurr”. After he blew up in 2003, Chingy looked set to have credible success and he did…for a while, then…not so much. After a double platinum debut album “Jackpot”, his sophomore attempt “Powerballin’” didn’t really blow and he fell down the back of the sofa like dirty pennies. Even with singles like One Call Away and Pullin Me Back feat the ever lovely Tyrese, he wasn’t able to stay on. He’s currently working on new material under his own label. Please don’t ask me why.


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Mr Deep Dimples himself made an appearance in 2003 with the club and general all round smash hit, “Hotel” featuring none other than R. Kelly. However, it seemed Cassidy liked being around offenders (I know he was found Not Guilty but we know) and got his cute self arrested for murder and served eight months in prison. On top of that, his beautiful face (is it obvious that I think he’s hot?) was scarred permanently after suffering a car accident in 2006, effectively slowing down his career. He made a brief “comeback” with “Drink and my Two Step” off his sophomore album.  Since then, it’s just been weak for the Philadelphia native with his most recent ventures being a mixtape in 2012 and Twitter beef with Meek Mill. Really? Is this life now?

Soulja Boy

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Love him or hate him, Soulja Boy is a serious guy! Not in the conventional sense but anyone who can make $7million in a year entirely from a retarded song with retarded choreography is a serious guy to me! Crank Dat was a huge hit all over the world and although he had a few hits since then, they didn’t make nearly the same impact on the world. Earlier this year he was clearly on some stuff when he cut his hair in some wannab Balrog style (Google him). Soulja has of course had a few run ins with various rappers and artists who don’t respect his music but since 2011 Soulja Boy has released various mixtapes. Let me know if you’ve heard them please.

I’m playing, im not silly! 


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Not content to have only two fellons on the list, I thought I’d add another. This one comes in the form of the borderline crazy, possibly ADHD rapper that was Mystikal. After his hit “Danger” featuring thick thighs Nivea and popular banger “Shake Ya Ass”, he basically just got into trouble and went to jail for a long ass time! He came out in August last year and has done nothing since. He wasn’t incredible to begin with but he had potential. Remember his verse on Ludacris’s Move B***h? Awesome! It’s a shame that’s how he spoke to women in real life. What an absolute doughnut!



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