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5 Reasons Why Clubbing Sober Is Not The One

If heading out for a night on the tiles, the usual expectancy will likely be to consume as many units of alcohol as humanly possible, make an inadvertent tit of yourself and somehow stumble back home stinking of tequila and shame. However, on certain occasions, the unthinkable will occur and individuals will remain un- intoxicated whilst ‘out – out’ clubbing in London.

Reasons for this vary from being the ‘designated driver’, pregnant, skint or just plain dull.

Clubbing sober is an awful idea and here’s why…

1) Drinking Is Fun

It’s the end of another long week and everyone is out for a good time to blow off some steam. Everyone except, the who will nevertheless vow to attend the evenings events whilst completely sober. This of course means they will spend the night enviously observing as the drinks start to flow and miss out on the hilarious moments, shocking pictures and incoherent banter that can only really be achieved once 5 jagerbombs have been demolished.

2) Drunks Are Annoying

We’ve all been there at some point, watching on from a safe distance as a party of pissheads unravels before our very eyes. There’s few things more depressing/irritating than receiving a sweaty hug or a moist kiss on the cheek as a stranger boldly declares drunken love for you – an average of twelve times in one night. Of course, you’re not going to meet up for a drink next week with this moron and all you really want to do is sit down in a controlled, comfortable environment and have a cup of tea.

3) Seeing Clearly


One of the perks of being steaming is that everyone around you tends to look more appealing. Once beer goggles are removed, it’s instantly apparent how gross and unattractive the majority of party people truly are. Furthermore, the lack of Dutch courage ensures you will be in no mood for flirting, significantly lowering your chances of pulling and will likely have you seeing past the fake tan and thick layers of make up to expose people for what they truly are – gross.

4) Peer Pressure


It must be said that nobody likes to be around you when you’re sober, it makes for an uncomfortable atmosphere, people want you pissed, so they’re going to pest and test your resolve to see if you’ll just sensibly give in and get on the sauce.

5) Money Down The Drain


It may seem like laying off the booze is an effective money saving method, unfortunately in reality money is still going to be spent. The only difference is that the shield of alcohol isn’t there to soften the blow. So as you get out the wallet for taxis, entry fee and the occasional bottle of sparkling water at the bar you really will wish you were off your nut on the dancefloor like the rest of your friends.