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5 Reasons you SHOULD read 50 shades of Grey before watching the film

Well if you haven’t already, your probably apart of the very small group not to pick up a copy of this saucy novel. However, with the casting of the two leads finally set in stone and the movie set to start rolling now is the best time to catch up on the escapades of Mr Grey and Ana Steele. Deemed ‘mummy porn’, many people have been put off reading the novel; especially those of the male gender many of who see it as no more than girl porn. Gender aside here are a few reasons why everybody should go to their local charity shop (trust me there will be at least 6 copies there) and pick up a copy of E.L  James’ novel.

1.       It’s always better to read a book before the movie.

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Whether you like it or not, 50 shades of Grey is going to cause media storm. It will be absolutely be everywhere, it already is and they haven’t even started with the film yet! The odds are that you will be dragged along to see it and reading the book will give you a much better picture. Let’s face it the film will have to be toned down just a little so all those juicy parts may become a little duller than expected; not to mention that they will probably play up the character stories more, something which you may want to understand.

2.       Forget the Karma Sutra, it’s all about 50 Shades!

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There is a reason why 50 Shades became so popular and why you’d always see a few poking out of handbags on the underground, readers (men and women a like) were absorbed in the dark world of erotica. However scoff at the guys all you want but these readers are gaining tips that would make their other half go crazy in the bedroom. If you use the James’s book as a sort of manual then you are well on your way to becoming a sex god! Trust me there are scenes in this book that would make anyone squirm and if you surprise your partner with a few of Mr Grey’s tricks they will be utterly grateful in return.  Of course for those with the tamer tastes, you may want to tone down the BDSM a little, but in any case Mr Grey’s commanding know how attitude may be able to teach you a lot.

3.       Fantasy is healthy

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Before 50 Shades you would never see someone openly reading erotica in public, it was something to be hidden to be ashamed of. However when the novel came you you’d see it absolutely everywhere; people were in no way ashamed to read it or talk about it. Many people criticize the obsession with the sexualisation that our generation seems to have. The rich and famous everywhere seem to flaunt and sell it like it were currency (I some instances it actually is). Now I am not endorsing the selling of sex or the use of it to gain fame; however celebrating human sexuality and not shying away from it is important. Reading this novel could remove the fear of open sexuality that so many have and liberate it. As I have said fantasy is completely healthy and we should not be worried to explore that!

4.       You won’t be lost in the chatter

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The media is ablaze with discussions on whether the execs have actually picked the right Mr Grey and Ana and so will the coffee room. People everywhere will be talking about it especially when it comes to release and you definitely don’t want to be stuck looking dumb because you haven’t read it and don’t have an opinion. Even for those who just want to criticise the book you can’t really do that if you haven’t attempted to read it yet now can you? There are loads of hilarious parodies out there, ones that you definitely won’t understand if you don’t know the novel. 

5.       It’s an easy read

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For those of you who aren’t exactly Shakespeare nuts and the thought of reading puts you to sleep, 50 Shades of grey could be the best baby step to reading. It is very simple and easy to read, no confusing metaphors or convoluted meanings. So if you are the type to get bored by waffling then, give this a try and you may be calling yourself a bookworm in no time. Not to mention that it has plenty of material to keep you interested!

If all this doesn’t leave you convinced then just take a look at this fan made trailer for the movie (cast actors not included)!



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