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5 Signs You Are In The Friend Zone

You think about him all the time. You worry about him. You care about him and want to see and make him happy but he only has eyes for the big booty chick he met at some club last night. Us ladies go through this a lot I am ashamed to admit. Catching feelings all over the place for dudes that aren’t even throwing those feelings our way! However, too many people, girls and guys alike live this friend zone life, so here I am to help you avoid getting trapped in it.


1. They call you family

This is the easiest sign to spot by far. If the person you like refers to you as their brother or sister or any type of family connection, then its not going well for you my friend. There is nothing wrong with having a really close friend but once feelings are being caught by one of you, then the whole dynamic has changed and there’s usually no way to change it back. No one finds their relative attractive or sexy so if they treat you like one, they’re probably never going to see you as anything more than family. Another weird one to consider is that if you have met his family (which is a great achievement in itself) but you aren’t actually his girlfriend then he obviously hasn’t mentioned you in this capacity to them. You’re friend enough to meet the family but not girl enough to be his woman.


2. They never dress up for you

Guys, ever go to your crushes house or FaceTime her or Skype or however and she has her head scarf on? No make up, no eyelashes, brushing her teeth and putting on her face mask while she’s talking to you? Girls only get this comfortable with boyfriends or best friends so if you haven’t knocked boots yet, guess which one you are! Ladies, if you go to his house and he’s walking around in his boxers (not realizing you want to rape him every time he does this) eating cereal in a messy bedroom and playing GTA with his waves not brushed, then you have been friend zoned. Boys are generally carefree like this anyway but if he were trying to impress you, he would probably
make more of an effort.

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3. They tell you EVERYTHING

If you get calls at midnight asking if you’re awake so they can complain to you about something and you are not with this person, you are a super friend. Girls wait to secure a potential mate before offloading their bi polar problems on them. Once again, there is nothing wrong with having a good friendship with the opposite sex but when its all take and no give then problems arise. Therefore, if you are getting the earful without getting the sex then you are most definitely in the friend zone.

4. No give, lots of take

Do you always offer to help them out of some kind of situation or are you always there, ready to be a shoulder to cry on? However, when the situation is turned and you need their attention, suddenly they’re not as involved? This is a friend zone basic where your crush trusts you with everything (see point 3) but doesn’t give anything back. Whether it be advice, money, or support this crush basically uses you for their own satisfaction but are reluctant to give that same help back. A lot of the time, they may not even be aware of this but because they don’t see you in a romantic/sexual way, they assume it doesn’t matter.

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5. Discuss the opposite sex but not to make you jealous

Forget the friend zone because if your crush talks to you about other guys or girls, they cant be your friend because they clearly don’t even respect you! If you have ever sat and listened to your crush replay their latest sex session with someone else or the killer: ask you for advice about their own crush then you have been friend zoned to the nth degree. People talk this way to their most trusted confidantes that they usually do not have a sexual attraction to. If they did, then the conversation would serve to try and make you jealous. If this isn’t the objective



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