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Ben Stiller Zoolander Vain Really Ridiculously Goodlooking

5 Signs he loves himself more than he loves you.

Just because men don’t spend an hour every morning doing their hair and make up, doesn’t mean they’re not just as vain as women, if not more so.

Sure, we all want a man who likes to take care of himself, but lately, lads seem to be getting more and more shameless with the self-love. No, not that type of self love. I’m talking about the type which involves him spending more time with the mirror than with you.

Ben Stiller Zoolander Vain Really Ridiculously Goodlooking

Self grooming is sexy, self adoration is not. Not sure where to draw the line? Here’s where:

1. He takes more selfie’s than you do
The number one tell-tale sign that he has a questionable infatuation with himself is the number of selfies in his camera album on his phone.

Apparently, he just can’t seem to get over how banging he looked in the bathroom mirror this morning. And then oops, there’s one of himself he took half an hour later on the tube to work. And then… an hour later at his desk in the office? On and this one made it on Instagram too, #boring #sexyofficeboi. Not to mention the few he took during his lunch hour… the list goes on!

This young Narcissus just can’t resist falling deeply in love with himself at every glance in pretty much every reflective surface. If you fancy yourself a man who looks amazing 24/7, this is the fella for you. Just try to get used to the fact you’ll forever be late for everything because he will stop to check himself out every twenty minutes.

Selfie Vain Mirror Pretty Man Obsessed

2. He is an ‘expert’ on every topic under the sun.
It starts the same way every time, you’re having an innocent conversation with a friend and from behind a nearby mirror comes a “what are you girls talking about?” Reluctantly you inform him and wait for the “Oh, I know all-l-l about that!”

You pour yourself another glass of wine and prepare yourself for a half-an-hour long ramble about how he knows ALL about shaving legs. Because, you know, he did it once as a dare and so therefore he must know everything there is to know.

He probably know’s it’s annoying as hell (God knows you’ve told him enough times) but he just can’t help himself. He has to inform everyone within  five feet that he is a smarty-pants and he is right, and you are wrong. Sigh.

Iamrightandyouarewrong-ititis is one of the hardest diseases in the book to cure, if you find yourself in a relationship with a man who can’t keep his mouth shut about his great intelligence, perhaps it’s time to sneak out of the exit before he takes a break from rambling and notices you’ve gone.

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3. His wallet is empty yet his wardrobe is full… hmm

Any self-respecting bloke tries to keeps his shirts clean and hair tidy. Then come the men who actually man an effort to keep up with the latest fashions (which is always nice).

Your man however, makes it look as though he’s not trying too hard to look swag-tastic 24/7, because looking super cool just comes to him naturally.

But hm, alarm bells should be ringing when Valentine’s Day creeps up and he can’t take you out to that lovely restaurant with the good pasta, because he spent all his money on those new Nike’s he really needed.

Crazy Stupid Love Ryan Gosling Shopping

4. Self-declared ladies man

Really? Really? You were fighting girls off from EVERY angle in the bar last night? This type of bloke loves to boast about how much the ladies love him. How they love his hair. How they love his smooth talk. How they love his bitchin’ dance moves. I guess you must be lucky to have him.

The swag in his step suggests confidence but his legendary knack of rambling on about his sexual conquests leaves everyone (including you) thinking “yuck” rather than “yum”.

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5. Me, myself and I

There’s no bigger bore than a guy whose main topic of conversation is… himself. The conversation at parties lasts about two minutes before it becomes an all singing, all dancing show about how great he is and how wonderful the sound of his voice is.

We all love a man who can hold a conversation, but my god, it would be nice if we could get an opinion in every once in a while. What happened to modesty anyway? That can be sexy too you know! Even if he doesn’t seem to think so.

Will Ferrell Kind Of A Big Deal Anchorman

Don’t let us put you off however, vanity aside, he’s not a bad guy and I’m sure that he loves you… just not as much as he loves himself.



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