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The 5 Signs You Should Have Probably Ditched That ‘Friend’ By Now

Unfortunately we can’t be friends with the same people all our lives. Sometimes it’s best to just hold on to the memories that you shared as opposed to letting the relationship sour and be full of resentment.

The only people this doesn’t really apply to is family, we can’t exactly change them although if it were possible I’d definitely make a few transfers, believe me. It’s okay to outgrow people, everything has its expiration date and that includes friendships.

If you’re currently at that tricky stage then here’s a few signs that should help you out.

1. Your Idea Of Fun Goes Something Like…

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Their Idea Of Fun Goes Something Like…

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Your friend doesn’t have to be the life and soul of the party but they shouldn’t suck the life out of it either. Constantly asking questioning whether you have outgrown them is NOT something that you should be asking yourself.

It might have even got to the point where you’re not even able to have fun around them; nobody wants to spend time with a miserable killjoy. Negative people need a place to dump all of their negativity. You may have been friends for years but there comes a point when enough is really enough. Do you really want to be the one dealing with their negativity and having to pick up their trash for the rest of your life?

2. Are They Always Getting You Into Drama?

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“Remember that night that got a bit crazy but was still a laugh? You still spend a few minutes chuckling to yourself every time you reminisce of the stupid things you did together. Ahhh the memories…

However when the you casting your mind back to times together and the narrative goes down the route of remembering the time they nearly got you arrested, killed or had your mum swearing that she’d disown you then it’s not so cool.

Throwing your friendship away over one mistake(depending how much of a clanger it was) would be stupid, however if your finding that being around them isn’t having the most positive on your life then it’s probably best you ditched them.

3. Can You Even Trust Them Anymore?

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The amount of time’s I’ve heard; “He’s cool but you gotta watch your back around him” or “I love her but I’d never introduce her to my boyfriend”…huh? Shouldn’t you be fully comfortable around your friends?

What are you gonna do on your wedding day? Tell your so called bestie her invite got lost in the post? All relationships should be built on trust, if you’re around friends you can’t trust, maybe thats the biggest sign it’s time to cut it off.

4. Is Your Friendship Based On A One Way Street Of Favours?

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You always get in rounds for your mates whenever you’re out but when it’s their turns it doesn’t actually comeback around? Well that’s not really the end of the world but if “let me explain what happened” is always the answer to “where’s my money?” whenever you try to call in the rent money you loaned them then there’s a good chance you’re just being used here.

There’s nothing wrong with helping out a friend in need, it’s what friends are for but you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. Especially if you’re only being called on by a friend to borrow them money or do them favours. You’re not your mates personal assistant…and if in some situations you actually are, you better be getting paid!

5. Have They Done A Miley On You?

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People change neither of you will be the person you were when you first met. It goes without saying that life changes people, some for the better and some for the worse. Your early 20’s are spent figuring the road you’ll take in life.

Simply because you’ve taken different paths, met new people or have different goals it doesn’t mean that you should end up discarding your friends. It’s just that life WILL change both you and them whether it be for better or worse. Sometimes it maybe for the best to just accept it, take a step back and go separate ways.



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