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5 Signs You Are probably a Side Chick

5 signs you are probably a side chick

No one ever wants to admit that they could have been or are still a side chick. Why would they? To be a side chick is probably the lowest form of partnership there is between a man and a woman. Sure, there are situations where couples use each other for sex for example, friends with benefits, but in these situations the respective parties usually know that this is the case. With a side chick on the other hand it’s usually an unbalanced situation where one party usually believes that there is the possibility of a relationship with the other party. To save you this embarrassment and rejection take a look at the five main ways to identify yourself as a side chick!

1. They’re Always Vague

This one might seem a bit of a cop out but hear me out. You know the ones where you say, “So when am I seeing you?” and he or she replies “Erm soon,” this means you are a side chick! As a girl who has done this to guys, this basically means that I don’t mind seeing you but not until I know that something aka someone better isn’t going to come along. I don’t want to say yes to seeing you on Friday then the hottie that I actually want to see messages me and then it just gets a bit awkward. Usually when this happens I then have to hurt your feelings and cancel what you thought was a date when I could have just avoided it completely. Get solid answers. If they cant give you this, find your own side chick. Do not be a victim!

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2. Only contacts you when there is no other option

Following on nicely from the above, this is self-explanatory. You only ever get a call from your ‘boo’ at ten pm, suggesting that you do something that starts in forty-five minutes? Ok, well maybe not that extreme but the premise is the same! When they only have time for you last minute or want to press you for an answer to something with no real preparation it is because it was last minute. You were most likely the last resort as they planned to go with someone else. Knowing you would be available at the drop of a hat, they messaged you because they know you are guaranteed not to bail on them. There are of course exceptions to this rule, that perhaps they did just receive a motive last minute but it is still unlikely that you were the first person they asked in either situation.

3. Never takes you anywhere public

Now, once you are finally outside with them do you ever wonder why it’s always the cinema or the cinema or sometimes you even go to the cinema. You’re always in the dark, not just at the cinema but also in this whole relationship my friend! Admittedly, boys will think that this cant happen to them, that they are the ones to implement whether or not they want to be seen with a certain girl in public. Come off your high horses guys, it can happen to you. A girl can just as easily ask you to go cinema with her in the middle of the day when no one else is around or even to a late showing but at a cinema that no one knows her or will see her with you. Pimpin’ aint easy but girls can do it too! On the rare occasion that you do go somewhere with this person that is considered public, you wont stay there very long. If you go to Westfield for example, he or she is walking a good 50 yards in front and to the left of you. Nothing too close that could be considered romantic or sexual so that if they do happen to see someone they know, there are no awkward explanations to give. The distance says it all: we’re not together.

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4. Never introduces you to friends or family

Once again, moving on very nicely from my previous point, if you are indeed in Westfield and you bump into their friends, take a moment to ask if they introduce you. Please bear in mind that although everyone has the right not to tell every Tom, Dick and Jermaine who they are with (it could genuinely be none of their business) there is usually some form of recognition. No one is saying that they need to introduce you as their girlfriend/boyfriend but even a simple, “Oh, I’m just doing some shopping with my friend” is enough. If they can hold a big big conversation in the middle of Westfield foyer and not even address your presence to the person they have seen, this is most definitely a problem. Friends however are only one part of the equation. If they never invite you to their house then you should just give up on life right now. No man or woman is bringing you around their family unless they think you are worth it. Add the time you have been seeing them to the amount of sex you have had. Divide by how much of a mug you are being taken for and there’s your answer: SIDE CHICK

5. All you do is have sex

You knew it was coming. The big one, the ultimate reason why you are a side chick. Why you are the halloumi next to his peri peri chips and half chicken. Why you are the Meg to his Family Guy and the Felisha to his DeeBo. If all you ever do is get or give the pipe, then you are most definitely a side chick. As mentioned before there are people who know that there is that one friend that they can/will sleep with if they can. These people however still talk to each other about their day or what’s going on in their other relationships. When there is no communication other than the next time you are going to see them or just talking dirty talk all the time, then you are most definitely a side chick.

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There are of course many other reasons to determine why someone may not really be feeling you on a relationship level and taking you for a doughnut. The common thing about most of them is that they’re not particularly hard to detect. Don’t let your attraction to someone cloud your judgment of how they are treating you. If you have to question the solidity of the relationship then it most likely isn’t a relationship to them and it definitely shouldn’t be to you.



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