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Sorry To Be So Blunt, But You’re Really Not Pulling That Off

Just because something is in fashion, it doesn’t mean you can pull it off. Case and point: Crop Tops.

Crop tops are in fashion and don’t we know it, you can’t walk three steps in a club without seeing someones belly button. That being said, not everyone does such a good job of pulling them off.

So next time you’re rifling through your cupboard thinking “should I?” consider the following:

Will You End Up Moaning About You’re Belly Button Being Cold?
It’s the bleak midwinter and you’ve opted to bare your vulnerable tummy. Seriously?

Number one sign that you should not be wearing a crop top is that it is not appropriate attire for the season. Fashion these days makes it extremely easy to cover up during the colder months and yet still look banging! Think long sleeved bodycon dresses, rockin’ high heels and sexy separates that keep you warm but still leave plenty for the imagination.

Take note ladies:

Is Your Daughter Old Enough To Be In The Club Standing Next To You In Her Own Crop Top? 

Let’s face it, if you’re thirty-something and perhaps creeping towards the big 4-ohhh, perhaps it’s time to start dressing like a lady.

You’ve abandoned hot pants, mini skirts and other teeny-tiny items of clothing that you probably loved when you were seventeen… but the next step is to abandon the crop top too. Sigh.

Sadly, it’s a young woman’s staple. Famous with teenagers in the 90’s, if you’re not a young lithe thing with washboard abs and you have to get up for work tomorrow morning, perhaps it’s time to retire the crop top.

Donatella, Madonna, Cher… we’re talking to you.

donatella cher madonna mutton dressed as lamb crop top
If done correctly, the crop top can be flattering to any figure and shape! However, if your fat rolls are beginning to peek out the front and back, maybe it’s time to rethink… is the crop top really for you?

But, style permitting, if you team your high-waisted skirts and jeans with a crop top and wear a further cardigan over that, you might just pull it off. Or if your bare midriff feels a little vulnerable, pull on an open cardigan or leather jacket over the top.

But ladies, please wear the correct sizes at all times. Trying to squeeze into something too small for you to the point where you’re spilling out the sides is a bit of a shocker for onlookers! Rule of the thumb: if you’re not sure, buy the size larger.

Probably some advice that Kim should have taken on board here

Crop Tops Are Bejeweled Bra’s Right?

NO!!! The idea is to bare a cheeky bit of a midriff… not whack your entire, curvaceous belly out.

Let’s face it, we don’t all have abs and tummies like Beyonce. Team your crop tops up with high-waisted pencil skirts, skater skirts, and high waited jeans. It’s all about playing with proportions; if you’re going to wear a tiny crop top, be appropriate and team it up with something modest and only let a PEEK of tummy show, rather than the whole shabang.

Crop top pencil Skirt summer fashion

You’re Name Isn’t Britney Spears Is It?

You are NOT Britney Spears, this is not the MTV awards and you do not have a yellow snake. So my advice? Tone it down.
Britney snake crop top mtv 2001

Oh, Brit. Why can’t we all be you?

Are You Planning On Sitting Down?
Even the slimmest of us have crop top related nightmares when it comes to sitting down in a crop top. Because all of a sudden the bread basket isn’t home to the only rolls on the table. Trust me, save the crop top for predominantly standing events.

Look, even Rihanna has to hold her midriff when she sits down:

Rihanna Elle Magazine Short Hair Crop Top

But, ladies, take my words with a pinch of salt. I speak of the dos and don’ts of crop tops, but done correctly, the crop top is a great item of spring/summer ’14 clothing, and if you reckon you can rock a floaty maxi skirt with a crop top at the beach, then do it!

Stay warm, hide those imperfections if you’re worried they’re peeking out, buy the right size clothing, keep the proportions right and look amazing, feel amazing.



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