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Stalking stalker crazy girlfriend Awkward

The 5 Women You Should NEVER Date

 We get it, you’re the man and you can have any woman you want. You can, you totally can.

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Except for these:

Your Best Friends Sister
Kelso Nailed Your Sister Best Friends Sister Forbidden Funny Gif

So, Harry Potter broke the number 1 rule in the man code book by going out with Ron’s baby sister. What J.K. Rowling failed to pin point is that in reality, this would have made Harry a bit of a twat.

She might be gorgeous and she might be telling her gal pals that she has a monumental crush on you but going out with your buddy’s little sis is just uncool. Last thing your friend wants to think is what you guys get up to behind closed doors: in his head his little sister will always be a sweet innocent thing, don’t be a d*ck and change that for him.

Your Ex
Bad Girls Club Ex Boyfriend Rude

If there’s anything to be learnt from the Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship is that you probably left your ex for a reason. But, the lonely post-breakup period can often make you forget why it is you broke up and somehow it seems like a great idea to go crawling back to your ex.

How do I put this delicately? M-I-S-T-A-K-E!! Regardless of the promises you make with your ex when you’re hitched again, you can’t simply cleanse your past of your mishaps. He/she will always feel certain ways about certain things and you can’t make a person promise to change. Instead, try and date a girl whose many flaws you can actually live with!

The Crazy But Cute Slightly Stalkerish Girl
Stalking stalker crazy girlfriend Awkward

So you’ve met a fantastic gal but the only catch is… well, she’s a bit bonkers. She constantly texts you, calls you, stalks you and clings to you like a limpet, or simply can’t seem to shake off her wild streak; but, nonetheless, you still like her enough to sit her down and say “calm the f*** down”. She makes promises to ease up a little, but 24 hours later she’s back to her old ways.

She might be cute enough to get away with it for now, but trust me, the clingy girlfriend is the worst of them all because when you do decide you want to break up with her… she probably won’t let you.

Gold diggers
Bad teacher gold digger Cameron Diaz Funny Gif

Suddenly your wallet feels as light as a feather. What is this sorcery..?

Could it be the jewelry your new girlfriend asked for? Or the expensive dinner with wine you indulged her with? Or the valentines day lingerie? Or that time she simply stuck her hand out and demanded some cash for ‘girls night’ and you were so blinded with love (fine, lust) that you handed it over without a second thought. You idiot.

If your lady is demanding that you open your bank account to her needs, perhaps it’s time to slip out of the exit before the bill comes. Besides, shouldn’t she have her own hobbies, a job and her own income?! It’s nice to spoil each other a little, but if she’s demanding her new Christian Louboutin’s come out of your paycheck because she spent her entire months rent on a new Mulberry handbag, you need to run before she bleeds you dry.

Madame Shaky-Reputation
Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke MTV Dance Twerk Reputation Gif

You tell your mates you’ve met a girl. It’s instantly met with sharp intakes of breath, avoiding of eye contact and some awkward shaking’s of the head. Your friends tell you to sit back because they have a story to tell.

Turns out they’ve all been there, done that and have for their own reasons decided to get out of there quickly. The girl’s got a shaky reputation and you should probably pay attention to it.

Whether it’s a reputation for being a cheater (if she’s cheated once, she could cheat again). A reputation for being clingy or extremely high maintenance, or maybe a reputation for having a bit too much fun with a few too many guys? I know I know, many people say you should always make up your own mind about people, but maybe this time, you should take the general consensus to be true and take a walk in the opposite direction.



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