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6 of the most annoying guys on social media

For us girls, we all know that if we want to bag a hot new date that instead of getting our hair done or buying a new outfit changing your profile picture and update our status to a carefree, one liner that took us hours to think of works just as well.

So to all of the men out there that are trying to sweep us off our feet. There’s rules to this sh*t! Scrolling through your page my actually end up being a massive turn off, there are some things that just don’t belong

The Avid Football Fan

rude mean girls frustrated london

If we really wanted to support your beloved football team, if we really wanted to join you and your friends to watch the match, we would have done. We chose not to, and there’s a reason – we really aren’t interested in who scored or who lost, so please stop giving us minute-by-minute commentary on your fascinating football game.

The Serial Boring Status Updater

kim kardashian yawn boring facebook status

“Ahh good morning facebook”, “what to do tonight?”, “making my tea now”, “I’m so tired”, “updating my Facebook status now”! The guys that truly believe every one of their friends, including lucky you, must be dying to know all the mundane details of every minute of his life, from morning to night are just craving your attention and always will be. Not a good look to be that thirsty, guys.

The Attention Seeker

attention seeking funny hot girl dance fail

What’s worse than a serial boring status updater? A serial complainer! Where does he find the time to constantly update his status with a stream of wining and “poor me” if he really does have the most traumatic and hellish life imaginable? Truth is, he doesn’t and instead wants a lot of female attention and sympathy just to get him through the day.

The Gym Goer

fail gym funny annoying habit

“Just going to the gym”, “just in the gym”, “just back from the gym”. Some lads may not be completely aware of this, but part of your gym subscription doesn’t involve you updating your status every time you decide to work out. So unless you’re being paid for this amazing PR, leave your phones at home boys and show the barbells some love instead.

The Commenter

facebook comment turtle funny

Oh, so you think I’m really, really hot do you? So what’s with the other 20 girls’ photos you’ve commented on saying the same? The best way to prove you like us isn’t too bombard other girls pages with “damn, yo looking fine gurl ;)”. Just don’t do it. First of all, we can all see them due to the wonders of technology and the masterminds of Facebook. Secondly, it’s a sure fire way to get yourself blocked and deleted from all social networks and in life.

The dirty DMer


This guy thinks he’s much more sophisticated, intelligent and full of class than to be so crude as to comment on another girl’s photo – instead he likes to send sexts through private messages. Unfortunately, he wasn’t clever enough to remember to delete them afterwards or hide his phone a little more carefully when you’re around. Such behaviour will result in similar consequences as commenting, but probably with a bit more dodging of flying objects for him.



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