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6 Ways to Approach a Girl in a club

So you’ve spotted a hottie doing her thing on the dance-floor, your goal being a guy is to get her home, at the very least to leave with a number. You see we know guys on a night are really after one thing.

As surprising as it may sound we don’t have an issue with this, we’re actually fine with it, at times we may even want the same thing. The only real offense is taken when a guy gets the approach wrong.

Get the approach wrong and you WILL get a cold shoulder, regardless of charming and good looking you think you may be.  

The Look

A look, a glance, a lingering stare. Catching her eye across the dance floor.  This little hint at attraction is a good way to know if she’s interested without appearing too keen.  If she fancies a go, she’ll rebound the gaze with an alluring expression (or at least, that’s what us girls think we look like – alluring and sexy – our own perfume ad).  If this happens, you’re in!  Congrats.  Continue the eye sex for a while (standard playing it cool rules) but not too long; she’ll soon get bored, the passion will be lost and she’ll be seeking the magic elsewhere, cheating on you with those thick volumised lashes Laurens Way, leaving your pitiful meaningless eye sex behind.  This is the one time when sexual endurance is not impressive.  Remember, treat all your eyes with respect, do not allow your facial two to steal all the glory before your third even has the chance to shine.

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Talk to her friend

If you’re going for this one its best to it careful.  It’s all good and well to seek approval from a friend, but take it too far and it’ll look like you’re hitting on her instead.  When you come clean and admit you were going for another girl in the group you’re more likely to end up with a drink in the face from either girl.  All you’ll have achieved is doubling your chances of getting a spray on your face.  Ironic really, when that was your plan for her!  At least you’ll have got wet at some point that night. 

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Bump and grind

NEVER use this approach.  Grabbing a girl’s hips from behind and pulling her buttocks into your penis is not attractive.  Ok, so if we’re wasted and need help standing, we may comply.  If we have any ounce of competence left in us by this point of the night however, we will slap you.

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Buy her a drink

Always a good way in, everyone loves a beverage.  But don’t make a song and dance over paying.  You offered, you pay!  We’re actually investing more by having to repay you in valuable time and company.  So then don’t blow it in the obligatory time we have to hang with you at the bar Remember, you’re hoping for the blowing to come later.

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Cheesy chat up lines

On the surface of it, a completely and utterly cringe worthy idea.  In reality though it completely depends on how you say it.  Obviously humor is a turn on total belief in the cheese is not!

Here are a few to give  a whirl…

“My magical watch says you’re not wearing any underwear.  It must be an hour fast”

“Do you work on a farm? Cos you’re good at raising cocks” 

“I love every bone in your body, especially mine”

“I wish you were my big toe, then I would bang you on every piece of furniture at my house”

“What do you like for breakfast?”

“Is your name Gillette?  Because you’re the best a man can get” 

“Is there a mirror in your knickers?  I can see myself in them”

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Nice chat 

Good, honest, genuine, nice chat.  Normal conversation.  As scary as it may seem, girls actually dig this.  We do sometimes find it unnerving as it such a rarity to come across, and in this instance will question the intention behind it. Is this for real?  Or are they going to screw me over in the long run, making me feel like a twat for having the wool pulled over my eyes on this very first encounter?  If you’re a guy considering this approach, think about it, either you are nice and well intentioned, or you’re putting it on with an ulterior motive.  Scroll up a couple of lines ad realize that even if you are a douche, we’ll consider this and yet be fooled anyway.  This approach works.  Just don’t be too creepy. We’ll get suspicious; conjure up irrational ideas about stalkers and run away screaming.  And that image does not set you up well for pulling the rest of the night.

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