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The 8 Reasons why you should date a nightclub promoter

From the title you must be thinking it should say “the 8 reasons why you should NOT date a nightclub promoter” but actually it’s correct and I wanted to clear up some of the rumours. You hear alot about promoters, mainly that they are not honest and all they do is party. Most people say horrible things about them because they have obviously have dated the wrong type and not found the good guys. Although we do come home late and you may hate the fact that we are always out, below are the 8 reasons why you SHOULD try dating a promoter and how to look at it from another perspective.

1. Make you feel good about yourself – always have something nice to say

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2. Making an appearance – looking like a superstar.

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3. Introduce you to new people – making new friends

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4. Always in party mode – making the time together memorable

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5. Test your drinking levels – always pushing the party to the limits

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6. Special VIP Access & Celebrity Parties

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7. Teach you how to talk like a boss

8. Invite you to memorable parties

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