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9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend During The World Cup

Not a football fan? Not the end of the world. Your role during the World Cup is to keep as quiet as possible during matches and be on official beer fetching duty throughout.

A bit harsh? Take it from me, if you’re dating someone, living with someone or friends with someone who has been counting down the days to the start of the World Cup like it’s Christmas on a grassy pitch, then the best thing you can do, is not act like their passion is p***ing you off.

But more importantly, try to keep your annoying questions to yourself. Not to be cliché but asking a football fan “what’s the big deal?” is like asking a shopaholic “don’t you think you have enough shoes?”

In fact, when the football’s on, do not complain that you’re bored, do not try to initiate sex and do not say any of the following:

“You watched football last night, can’t you skip this one”
Are you joking gif angry man

“But baby, you can just Sky+ it and watch it later…”
Ryan Reynolds Fucking Stupid angry annoyed gif

“What do you mean you can’t go out till 11pm?! England aren’t even playing tonight, just skip it”.
Drake Face Palm Not Impressed GIF

“So how comes Beckham isn’t in it this year?”
Nick Miller New Girl Sofa Face Pillow GIF

“OMG people keep filling my twitter timeline with football tweets!”
angry not impressed beard guy unimpressed football gif

“Baby, it’s only a game”
macaulay culkin home alone gun rifle gif

“Shall I come and watch it with you. I have the best gossip to fill you in on while we watch the match together…”
are you serious football angry gif sports

“Who’s playing? I want to tweet about the match”
Excuse me look up and down insult rude gif

“Was that offside? Was that offside? What about that?”
arnold schwarzenegger angry crazy screaming shut up gif

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how you avoid putting your foot in it during the World Cup and most defiantly ending up with the title of “most annoying girlfriend ever”.

Not to mention giving the girls who do know every little detail about the beautiful game a terrible name. After all, your stupid comments are probably the reason mankind still stands by the belief that “women know nothing about football”.

In fact, word from a very wise football loving women is: “just enjoy it… it comes around once every 4 years and this time, it’s in Brazil, the home of football, so it won’t be this good again for a while!”

Which in a language non football fans can understand as well, translates to: “It’s hot in Brazil, so Rio and Ronaldo will probably be whipping their tops off at the end of every given match”. And you know what, I think I can live with that.



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