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Did you actually copy my outfit

A fact of life we all must face (this goes for you too guys) is that we will at some point bump into someone wearing the same outfit as us. Unless you have outfit’s custom made for you every day of your life. 

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How to avoid wearing the same outfit

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation the best way to style an outfit and make it unique is to customize and accessorize! Add detailing to your outfit or maybe if you’re a whizz with a pair of scissors and sewing machine then you can cut and snip it to your satisfaction. Mixing and matching pieces from different outfits to make one new outfit is a good way of avoiding bumping into a twin you didn’t know about. 

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What to do if you find yourself in the same outfit

Instead of pouting in the corner being annoyed make light of the situation and pout for a picture together. Try to avoid giving the other girl dirty looks and instead give her a knowing nod, which suggests ‘what a great outfit we both have on’. 

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Who wore this better: 

Comment your opinions on who do you think wore it better below via facebook! 

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