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Amika Nightclub Review

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Amika is an extremely high profile venue in Mayfair with interior décor which stuns guests upon their arrival. There a number of different rooms giving the club a maze like feel with surprises round every corner. The main room has extravagant lighting deigns and stylish booths and tables ensuring guests have a truly exclusive experience. There are also rooms filled with white seating and cushions, which give guests the opportunity to engage in more sophisticated debauchery such as sipping on extravagant cocktails and intellectual conversations. The main room is where the real craziness takes place, as there is more space for groups of guys and girls to dance and mingle. The lighting in the nightclub ranges from pink to purple to blue. I felt just one colour such as blue would have been more appropriate and would have enhanced the sophistication that the majority of the décor exhumed.


There was a very classy atmosphere with most guests being VIPs. Despite this, as the night progressed and people had more to drink, there were girls standing and dancing on booths and guys spraying champagne around the nightclub.


The crowd were well dressed, sophisticated and in their mid 20s. It seemed as though everyone who attended this nightclub had to be someone.


The music was mostly house music, which I felt got abit repetitive after a while. I felt the night would have been more enjoyable if some commercial and R&B tunes were played as often people are more familiar with this music so would have been inclined to get up and dance.


The drinks in Amika were not too pricey which was surprising considering the décor and clientele in the nightclub. A good glass of wine for example was only £6.

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