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Annoying Girlfriend Behaviour: How to lose a guy in 6 steps

Congrats on getting a boyfriend! Well done you!!

But, don’t crack open the celebratory champagne just yet, because I’m sorry to say, the hard work isn’t over yet.

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The very last thing that you want to do now is become that annoying girlfriend. You know the one I mean, the girl that every guy complains about. The one which makes them miss their single lives. That girl that suddenly goes from being fun and flirtatious to frumpy and freaked.

Keep your head screwed on, keep shaving your legs and while your at it, try to avoid these simple mistakes:

#1- Talking about your ex
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How, may I ask, does whining about your ex ever come in benefit to your bloke? Although you may be talking about your relationship and making plans for the future, when you start saying “Oh, Dave did _____ with me!” or “Larry took me to _____” will leave him more paranoid and pissed off than prepared.

If you can’t stop talking about the people in your past, you can’t help him for wondering if you have really moved on. Your ex may be a subject that you can chat about easily with your girlfriends, but keep the topic well away from your man if you want to keep his mind at ease.

#2- Non-stop, 24/7
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You gotta cut your man some slack at some point! Being the perfect boyfriend non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is exhausting. Bombarding him with texts, calls and demanding his loving attention isn’t going to make him love you more, either.

Remember what you fell in love with in the first place: a real man with hobbies, interests and mates to hang out with.

#3- The barnacle syndrome (really, it’s a thing)
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Stuck on him like a barnacle to a whales belly. Permanently stuck and unwilling to let go. Shouldn’t you be ashamed of yourself, girl?! You’re no barnacle! One of the most annoying things that a girl can do to her boyfriend is get stuck on him. Just remember, clingy is never cute.

There’s a reason men don’t put ‘no life/ no interests/ dependency issues’ into the search engine on eHarmony.

One of the biggest signs of the barnacle syndrome is when your social life beings to dwindle and all of a sudden you’re piggybacking on HIS plans, HIS weekends, HIS lads nights out, and… god forbid, HIS hobbies. If this sounds like you, then rule of the thumb: he probably describes you to his friends as “a bit of a loner”.

#4- Gossip girl
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Does your boyfriend really want to hear that Steve and Steph have just had another domestic? Is it really so important for him to know how the Brangelina dispute is progressing?

Some men just don’t do gossip. Simples. The solution? Shut up. And if you look at it from their point of view: it’s boring, trivial talk that doesn’t really progress anywhere. Yes it’s juicy, yes it’s addictive and yes you’re probably better off chatting with your girls at work.

#5- The green-eyed monster
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There’s always going to be that girl who feeds her boyfriend jealousy for breakfast. She dresses to impress when she’s out, flirts shamelessly and leaves her poor beau staring at her with worry from across the room. It’s not jealousy you’re spurning here; it’s sheer, blind worry that you’re about to waltz off with another man.

There’s no nice, sympathetic way of saying this: you’re in a relationship now, it’s time to let go of your singleton ways. Stop flirting, stop letting other men buy you drinks at the bar and embrace the fact that you now have a one and only. If you can’t seem to stop, then maybe you need to stay clear of relationships…

#6- Changing ways
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You think you’re being stealthy but really, you’re not. Lads pick up very quickly if you’re trying to change them. Especially when they’re happy with the way they are!

If he’s a man who likes his gaming, criticizing the number of hours he spends on his X-Box won’t go unnoticed. If he likes a drink now and then, being nasty about his beer intake won’t score you any girlfriend points either. If he treasures times spent with his friends, then get your snotty nose out! Don’t be that girl. That girl who nagged her boyfriend into a boredom endued coma. No one likes her.



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