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The Hilarious Questions He Didn’t Answer: #AskBoris

Twitter’s finest have honed their wits for the hour of madness that is #AskBoris and while the Mayor of London is putting his serious face on (well, sort of) and answering as many vitally important questions as he can, the rest of us, are hoping to get an answer to one of these:

Sign us up for this!

We lol-ed. We shouldn’t but we did.

Hair joke number one.

Take a train home? If they’re not on strike.

He did not get an answer.

Hair Joke Number Two

Since we’re going there: #AskBoris Have you had an accident at work that wasn’t your fault?

Wronged with various terrible decisions for London? Or won’t admit he’s the baby daddy type wronged?

Will we ever get bored of the hair jokes? Probably not.



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