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Being Told You “Can’t” Should Be Your Motivation For Success

Call it reverse psychology, call it childhood rebellion which we never really grew out of, call it what you like. Truth is that the moment we’re told we can’t do something we want to prove we can. I know what you’re thinking; classic male ego, show off, most likely a dickhead.[…]

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Going Out In East London Doesn’t Make You Cool

Oh, you went out in Shoreditch this weekend and saw Harry Styles molesting a labradoodle? Or were you sniffing coke off of the urinals of the Village Underground with Russell Brand? Perhaps you saw Tracy Emin producing some questionable street art out of a bin liner and your best friends[…]


Can The Entourage Movie Just Come Out Already

Next year, the loveable douchebags from Entourage will be starring in their own film. Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle and Ari will be living an on screen life in the Entourage movie that will have you wishing you’d spent more time learning how to act or just wishing you had infinitely[…]


Chris Brown’s Bad Day In Rehab Results In a Prison Sentence

Chris Brown just can’t stay out of trouble, can he? The 24-year-old singer has been sentenced to stay to stay in behind bars till the end of April, after saying that he was pretty handy with “guns and knives” during a group therapy session. His lawyer had attempted to have him[…]


Tyler, The Creator Starts A Riot At SXSW And Gets Arrested

I still remember the first time hearing about Tyler, The Creator. I was 18, sat in halls in first year, frantically pulling my hair out as servers everywhere were crashing. Leeds tickets had just gone on sale and Zane Lowe was spinning that song. You know the one, where says he’s gonna[…]


The First Kiss Video Was Cool, PlayBoy Girls Parody Is Way Better

Ladies and Gentlemen, the kissing strangers video has taken the internet by storm recently. Parodies have sprung up in every corner of the internet, for the most part they’ve been bloody awful. The original saw 20 super attractive models gathering in the same room before sharing a first kiss. Well,[…]


#SELFIE: A Truly Awful Song

I didn’t know that this existed until roughly 10 minutes ago and I can, secure in my statement, that I’ve never been more repulsed in three minutes and 43 seconds as I was watching The Chainsmokers video for ‘#SELFIE’. I really don’t know where to begin. I do a lot[…]


Cheryl Cole returns to the X Factor!

Chezza, Mrs. Cole, The Big C; whatever you wish to call her, you’ve been given the chance to see Cheryl’s lovely, Geordie face on your TV screens once again as it has been confirmed that she will return, as a judge, to The X Factor. Simon Cowell, or ‘The Antichrist’,[…]