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Is There Such A Thing As A Gentleman Anymore? The 7 Things We Wished Modern Men Still Did

Ladies, do you ever feel like you’ve missed out by being born in this generation?  Society has moved on leaps and bounds over the past 50 years. It’s just a shame that with this, we seem to have lost the [ Read more → ]

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No Make Up Selfie Has Some Stiff Competition: Cocks In Socks Rise To The Challenge

Go hard or go home.  Girls have been taking snaps of their faces and now men are raising the bar (no pun intended…yeah right) with photos of their nether regions all over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, wherever they can get them [ Read more → ]

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Kanye West Sentenced To Community Service For Assault

He’s done it again.  Kanye got angry. Kanye West has just been sentenced to 2 years probation, 250 hours of community service and 24 anger management sessions after assaulting a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport last July.  I feel [ Read more → ]

No Make Up Selfie Nominations: Going Au Naturale For A Good Cause

A new nomination craze has hit Facebook, which eliminates the risk of death, wahoo! Yes the ‘No Make Up Selfie Nomination’ has begun to infiltrate newsfeeds where women take a photo of themselves with no make up and then nominate [ Read more → ]

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A Girls Guide To Sloppy Seconds

Picture the scene; you’re in the club raving it up, scanning the floor for potential mating partners, such is the ritual of the horny human species. You spot a guy and he spots you, an eye sex fling if you [ Read more → ]

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Could You Give Sex Up For Lent? 11 Ridiculous Things People Have Given Up For Lent

Lent has descended upon us and Twitter has felt its wrath.  Whether you’re Christian or not, everyone loves an excuse for a good stack of pancakes, but do you continue the involvement through lent? It is the time of year [ Read more → ]

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The Thirst is Real – Horny woman dials 911 for sex

Yes it actually happened. One doubts we would be writing about such a story had 58 year old Maria Montenez-Colon from Florida (mug shot below) looked anything like the young lady above. Maria called the emergency services about a Corvette [ Read more → ]

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These Guys Have No Hope In Escaping From The Friendzone

It’s a toughie. The greatest fear of all is to find yourself stuck in the friend zone. Well explained Ryan; the friend zone is a place that lacks in dignity and revels in jealousy, longing, ridicule and frustration. It is [ Read more → ]

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9 Steps To Successfully Pulling On Tinder

How to compose a first message to anyone can be daunting.  Especially if you’ve swiped left so many times you’re now considering paying for a dating app (oh the thought is mind boggling) and you’ve finally found a match, you don’t [ Read more → ]

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The Best BRIT Awards Blunders

The Brits are gracing our screens once again this evening when Britain watches with baited breath in the hope of witnessing a celebrity fail.  A wardrobe malfunction, a drunken insult, a sober insult, a catastrophic fall…anything that involves watching someone [ Read more → ]