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10 Acceptable Reasons To Break Your Diet

When trying to stick to a diet, it’s better not to be too harsh on yourself. After all, if you’re not meant to snack at midnight, then why the hell do they put a light inside the fridge?  Want to [ Read more → ]

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The Things Single Girls Are Sick Of Hearing…

We’ve all had a laugh at the stupid things single girls say and now it’s time for a rebuttal. Because if you think single girls come out with some stupid stuff, you should hear the stuff they have to deal with. Lets face [ Read more → ]

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Men Like Bitches: So Learn To Be One

In this day and age nice girls finish last. There, I said it. We’ve all been thinking it for years and I think it’s finally time someone said it out loud. I’m not just talking about the art of seduction either, [ Read more → ]

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What Men Really Mean When They Say…

Any idiot can tell you that men and woman are wired differently. Whilst we seem to understand each other most of the time, truth be told we’re speaking in different tongues. You’re saying “I miss you” and he’s hearing “I [ Read more → ]

Every Woman Loves A Bad Boy

A good friend of mine once told me that it’s the bad boys that always catch our eye. Apparently, it’s a risk we take for the chemistry. Actually… maybe it was Alexandra Burke who said that. But still, it’s true. [ Read more → ]

How To Flirt

Flirting isn’t an art form; if anything it’s more of a science (chemistry to be exact). I have been called a natural flirt myself, though sometimes I wonder if politeness is just so rare these days it often gets mistaken [ Read more → ]