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The Dating Faux Pas We’ve Learned From Watching First Dates

First Dates is back on our screens for a second series, the Channel 4 show provides a fly on the wall insight as cameras follow two singletons meeting in a London restaurant for their very first date. As always the [ Read more → ]

5 Reasons Why Clubbing Sober Is Not The One

If heading out for a night on the tiles, the usual expectancy will likely be to consume as many units of alcohol as humanly possible, make an inadvertent tit of yourself and somehow stumble back home stinking of tequila and shame. [ Read more → ]

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The Tell Tale Signs He/She Is A Failed Model

We’ve all been there, having captured a killer selfie back in 2005 and received a plethora of praise after posting it up on MySpace. Who didn’t consider scrapping their GCSE’s in order to pursue a career in modelling? Just me? [ Read more → ]

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10 Places Everyone Should Have Sex Before They’re 30

As warm and convenient a setting as the bedroom may be for sexual activities, it’s important to remember that the world is full of potential alternative locations for intimacy. The challenge is surely to attempt to experience them all whilst [ Read more → ]

Jenny v Spencer: How Not To Quit Your Job

Every employee will inevitably at some point feel tempted to walk away from their job. If the opportunity arises then there’s plenty of ways to mark your exit, do you leave on good terms to seek pastures new with your [ Read more → ]

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Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining

So far February has been dominated by dismal weather conditions; rain, rain and surprisingly even more rain sweeping the country. As yet more storms beckon it may be difficult to feel anything but despair and longingly look forward to the [ Read more → ]

Snob Katie Hopkins Dropped By This Morning

  This week saw ITV bosses drop controversial snob Katie Hopkins from her regular slot on This Morning. The popular decision came following a petition signed by over 85,000 to remove the outspoken columnist after she posted an offensive tweet on [ Read more → ]

Flappy Birds Joins The List Of Crazy Ebay Auctions

Since its launch in 1995, online auctioning and shopping site Ebay has provided an outlet for customers to instantly buy and sell pretty much any product under the sun. The possibilities have proved endless, as it seems people will attempt [ Read more → ]

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WTF! You Unfollowed Me!?

Remember the days when you had a solid group of under ten friends that you actually saw on a regular basis and even quite enjoyed the company of? It was a simpler time and life was easy. However, the modern [ Read more → ]

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If only clubs were like Tinder

As much fun as it is to sneak around bars attempting to source available and interested women, just imagine how much simpler it would be if bars operated a similar browsing system to that of the popular dating app – Tinder.  [ Read more → ]