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You Will Only Ever Do These 14 Things When Drunk

There are just some things in life that you need to be drunk for. These are usually the things we all wish we could do sober, but aren’t brave or stupid enough to actually follow through. So to help you [ Read more → ]

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“Sorry I Have A Boyfriend” – The 5 Words No Guy Wants To Hear When Clubbing

Whether you have a significant other or not, if you’re hot and on a night out without them, you’re probably going to get chatted up. Some people like to claim that its a bit of a pain when they get [ Read more → ]

Crazy Insane Person Text Just Friends

This Is What Crazy Looks Like In A Text Message

Girls and Boys, sometimes technology can be a bad thing. It can make us go a bit crazy. And sometimes this leads to making a complete and utter fool out of yourself. What I am talking about in particular is [ Read more → ]

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How To Decode That Man Text

Men are confusing at the best of times, but add technology to the mix and we need an instruction manual just to decipher basic phrases. Men of few words become men of fewer in the world of texting; the length [ Read more → ]

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How To Trick A C-List Celebrity Into Dating You

You know the type, fake tanned reality stars without much talent, mediocre footballers, and actors who “have been in loads of things” yet you have to look them up on IMDB to find their name. What a catch! So who [ Read more → ]

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The 5 Dirty Little Secrets You Should Keep From Your Boyfriend

Honesty is always the best policy! Really, I mean is it really? It seems couples these days feel it imperative to share every little detail with each other. Proudly boasting that “we have no secrets” to your friends seems an [ Read more → ]

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What Is Mens Fascination With Big Bums?

There are two types of guys; Boob Men and Bum Men. A few years ago I would have quite easily said that Boob men were in the majority, however lately I have seen many of my male friends on Facebook [ Read more → ]

Clueless Blonde Bed Flirt Fail Embarassing

Flirting Fails: The tell-tell signs you need to step your game up!

Let’s face it; the days where the good old bend and snap (that’s a legally blonde reference for the men reading this) would bag you your dream guy/girl are gone. With texting and cyber-relationships taking over, it’s safe to say [ Read more → ]