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#SaveBBC3 – The Best Shows BBC Three Gave Us

Well, it’s official. The BBC has announced that BBC Three is to be scrapped, put online left to fight it out to the death with Netflix. I for one am furious, and will be marching the corridors of Media City [ Read more → ]

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Will Leonardo DiCaprio Ever Win An Oscar?

If we are talking about the Oscars of our hearts, then yes. Yes he has. But unfortunately, we are in fact referring to the Academy, whose hearts are much harder to crack it seems. Time after time (three times to [ Read more → ]

The Legend Continues From Ferrell’s Finest Moments

Will Ferrell has graced televisions sets and cinema screens for many years now. I’ve been a fan ever since his outing as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman and quite frankly it’s hard to imagine anyone that isn’t; after having seen Baxter [ Read more → ]