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For the love of Jollof rice and Shoki dancing

Love Afrobeats & African cultured food? We have something amazing for you! For the love of Jolloff rice and Shoki dancing, we bring you Afrobeats N Brunch. Launching on Sunday 18th March 2018 and this is the first of many events [ Read more → ]

3 Floored Valentine’s Day Boat Party Coming To London

New Year celebrations are over and it’s coming towards that time of year. Whether you love it or hate, it is coming: Valentine’s Day. To celebrate with the ones you love or embrace the love for yourself. Our 3 floored [ Read more → ]

Throwback to New Year’s Eve 2017

HAPPY 2018! We’re nearly at the end of the first month of the year, time is flying by already. So let’s take a moment to reminisce on our London Takeover, if you were the ones who celebrated with us at [ Read more → ]

The Countdown To New Year’s Eve Begins

The countdown to NYE 2017 has begun! Check out the XlcusiveTouch Official Guide for New Year’s Eve – they’re ALL simply too good to miss right? But what do you need to do next? Step 1: Open your squad WhatsApp group, share with them [ Read more → ]

8 New Year’s Eve Events That Will Make Your 2017

The Christmas tree hasn’t even been taken out of storage yet, but we’re already planning your New Year’s Eve. Every xclusivetouch party is planned with absolute passion, so we know you’re in for a treat! So let’s end the year with a bang [ Read more → ]

Halloween Highlights 2017

This year we embarked on 14 Halloween events that we’re all still recovering from. From the Twisted Circus event to our Overdough Hip Hip Halloween Special pizza party, we had an event that fits all, so what was your excuse? [ Read more → ]

Your Go-To Guide To An Absolutely Crazy Carnival Weekend

So what’s all this Carnival malarkey? Unless you’ve been living north of the wall for the past few weeks, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Notting Hill Carnival! But what you may not know, is that the event has taken [ Read more → ]

Gilgamesh Welcomes Nicole Bass

Gilgamesh Welcomes Nicole Bass If you’ve been following this series of Ex on the Beach you definitely would’ve seen this character! She’s graced our television scenes not only in series 15 and 16 of The Only Way Is Essex in [ Read more → ]

8 Issues Of A Night Out…

Don’t get us wrong, we all love a good night out and the wicked hangover the next morning is always a sign that you did well kid. However, there are always minor issues which occur on a night out that [ Read more → ]

The Great Debate…Trainers Vs Loafers In The Club

Shoes, glorious shoes. This will forever be the great debate across the nightlife scene and I’m sure a large majority of you are still none the wiser about why this issue has occurred or if it will ever be resolved [ Read more → ]