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The Undercover Sluttiest Professions: Strippers Didn’t Even Make The Cut!

Do certain jobs naturally bring out people’s inner slut? Well the people have spoken and apparently they do. We asked you the public, which careers you believe home the nation’s secret sluts and here is our top ten list. Some surprising… some [ Read more → ]

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“No I Didn’t Sleep With Him Again”: The 8 Things Every Girl Lies To Her Best Friend About

People lie, because the truth hurts. Sure, we all ask for the truth, but in all honesty, we can rarely handle it when it’s given to us. So sometimes, just sometimes we tell little lies to the friends we care [ Read more → ]

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How To End Up On Top After A Break Up

The person who comes out on top, after a relationship, is the one who cares less. Simple. It’s not so important who is happiest, but who gives off the best illusion of happiness. It doesn’t even particularly matter who broke up [ Read more → ]

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Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Cameron Diaz Help Guy Make An Amazing Surprise Video For His Wife On Their Wedding Day

Joe Michalczuk, who interviews celebrities for a living, managed to rope some of the hottest A-listers around, into making a surprise video for his wife on their wedding day. The results? The best wedding gift ever. With guest appearances from [ Read more → ]

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First World Problems: 18 Things You Really Need To Stop Moaning About Now

When it comes to moaning about things which, in all honesty do not need to be moaned about, we are champions. Whether I like it or not, my Twitter feed is constantly full of what I can only describe as middle class issues. [ Read more → ]

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Great Meal, Amazing Date Then The Bill Comes: How To Avoid Looking Like A Mug

Every girl loves the excitement of a first date. Cocktails and flirting followed by 30 minutes of making out in the car at the top of your road before he drops you off home. Sure, who wouldn’t like a bit of [ Read more → ]

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She Changes Her Profile Picture More Than She Sees You: The 10 Signs She Loves Taking Selfies More Than She Loves You

Everyone has that one friend who has to take a selfie every 5 minutes. You kind of take them with a pinch of salt and occasionally like the odd photo to appease their obvious obsession with ‘likes’. But what happens [ Read more → ]

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15 Life Hacks To Looking Good In A Bikini

The season of summer bodies, swimwear and tight clothing is upon us. The pool parties have started, summer holiday’s are getting booked and worst of all, you can’t walk into a high street shop without coming face to face with the dreaded [ Read more → ]

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The 10 Things No Man Should Ever Say To A Girl If He Wants To Get Laid

Getting a girl into bed, isn’t all that hard. You’ve just got to know what to say to her. “You’re beautiful” “I love that you’re not like other girls” and “I’m so glad I met you” are on top of [ Read more → ]

Got Milk? Woman Caught Filling Office Milk Carton With Her Breast Milk

Ever used up the last of the office milk and couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy some more? Me too. Well apparently, this women has found a perfect solution to the “I can’t be bothered to walk to [ Read more → ]