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Naughty Things To Do While Single

Being in a relationship can be great, but you know what can be even greater? Being single.  So before you meet your man, don matching his and her t-shirts and run off into the sunset together here are some things to check off your single girl to-do list. In no[…]


Annoying shit all single girls say

Being single is great a lot of the time. No one cares if you forget to wax one week, every Friday night is wine night and there’s no such things as a dress being “too short”. Being single is pretty much a dream come true for everyone… except single girls.[…]


Dirty Little Secrets All Women Keep

​ Every woman keeps secrets, because frankly, there us some things you just don’t need to know. Try not to think of it as lying, but instead as “trying to keep the romance alive” because trust me on this, some of these will make your penis die a little inside.[…]


10 Signs you are dating a player

It’s never too hard to spot a player… until you’re dating one, then it becomes a symphony of “oh maybe I’m being paranoid” and “I’m sure he likes me”. Let me put the record straight. Is he good looking? Is he well dressed? Does the have a flock of attractive[…]


Dating Advice You Should Stop Taking

Traditionally dating is a two person game, but over the years it has become more and more of a group activity. I’m not talking kinky group sex; I mean girl advice gone too far. Not excluding present company dating is the one topic everyone has an opinion on and for[…]