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An Open Letter To Facebook: I Love You But You’re Pissing Me Off

Oh Facebook; can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Well we can but planning events and getting updates on TV shows would be a lot harder. Facebook is one of those things that just slots so perfectly into our [ Read more → ]

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Pixie Lott To Launch Her New Album at Werewolf

Sexy, blonde singer Pixie Lott will be joining Xclusivetouch at Werewolf on 6th August to celebrate the launch of her new album ‘Pixie Lott’ and you’re all invited. Fans will have the chance to catch up with Pixie Lott as she launches [ Read more → ]

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The Ultimate Female Sex Guide Is Here: The Lesbian Kama Sutra

Ever wondered how females in a same-sex relationship get their kicks in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re a woman trying to figure out how to pleasure your female partner – either way your problems are solved because Cosmopolitan Magazine have [ Read more → ]

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Men With Tattoos: The Ultimate Turn On?

When it comes to dating, women tell themselves that Prince Charming is out there and he’ll be everything they’ve ever dreamed of. But what if secretly, our ideal prince charming isn’t the Disney-esque pretty boy our parents read to us about… what [ Read more → ]

Saggy Pants Banned in Florida: Buy A Belt Or Face Jail Time

The men of Ocala, Florida will be tightening their belts this year as the city council brought in a new law stating that pants (that’s trousers to you and me) can’t be worn more than two inches below the natural [ Read more → ]

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The Child Stars That Got HOT

We’ve all been there when you watch a programme on TV and think ‘that kid is so cute, I wonder what they look like now.’ What some of us don’t expect is to look that kid up and realise that time [ Read more → ]

Samantha Sex and the city

Sex: Expectations vs reality

Sex is supposed to be a pretty basic, instinctive act. But sadly, it just doesn’t always run as smoothly as we’d like… So what do us ladies really expect from our sex lives and how do those ‘sexpectations’ measure up to [ Read more → ]

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San Fran Cop Chris Kohrs Is the Newest (And Hottest) Internet Sensation

Chris Kohrs? More like Chris COOOOOOORRRRRRRR(s)! This San Francisco cop is the latest viral sensation and the perfect antidote to Jeremy Meeks‘ bad boy mugshot. The 36 year old police officer from the Castro District of San Fran has arrested [ Read more → ]

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Why Are you Even Here!? The 8 Annoying People We Hate at Festivals

Okay, it’s well and truly festival season. Glasto’ has been and gone, Primark is fully stocked with rain macs and rubber shoes and everywhere you look are those annoying floral headbands that are ONLY acceptable for 3 months out of [ Read more → ]

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The Curse Of The No Reply: Get A Grip, They Probably Just “Forgot” To Message Back

Social media may be a great way to hide behind a screen and say whatever you’re thinking, but it definitely has some draw-backs. When it comes to the act of flirting, nothing could be more confusing that trying to impress [ Read more → ]