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Ridiculous Brits Abroad: The 7 Ways To Spot A Fellow Brit On Holiday

Your summer holiday is the two weeks of the year that gets you through the slog of the other 50. It’s what gets you up on those cold, dark February mornings and what prevents you having a mental breakdown on the [ Read more → ]

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The Age Of The Man-Child: 10 Signs You’re Dating A Child And Not A Man

Over the course of a relationship, some of the things you found irresistible at the start, manifest into the very things you start despising in your partner. At first, you found his immaturity endearing. You were so immersed within the prospect [ Read more → ]

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“Just Hold On I’m Staying Home”: Twitter Reacts To Drake Pulling Out Of Wireless Festival ‘Due To Illness’

Twitter was awash with angry fans today as rapper Drake pulled out of this weekend’s Wireless Festival because of ‘illness’. The Canadian rapper come crooner was due to perform in both London and Birmingham but has pulled out of each [ Read more → ]

The 10 Harsh Realities Of Working Life That Nobody Warned You About

Whether it’s from School or University, by the end of education most of us are just so happy to finish that we haven’t even contemplated the next step and what it has in store. Now’s the time to get out [ Read more → ]

Why You Should Go Travelling Before You’re 30

Life’s tough isn’t it? You spend your adolescence craving for the supposed freedom of adulthood but when you eventually get there, you yearn for the days of your youth when all you had to worry about was what you were [ Read more → ]

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The unrealistic expectations ALL men have for the woman they’re dating

The dating game is as full of uncertainty as it is excitement. Does she like me? Am I the only one she’s dating at the moment? Do I really have to pay for the full meal even though she’s just [ Read more → ]

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Your Other Half Is Off To Vegas This Summer? Here’s The 10 Reasons Why Your Relationship Is Officially Over

If the thought of going out on a Friday night gets us through the week, the prospect of living it up abroad somewhere for two weeks in the summer gets us through the year. It feels like our lives revolve [ Read more → ]

10 Tweets About The World Cup That Will Leave You With ZERO Faith In Mankind‏

World Cup fever has taken grip of the nation, sure England have crashed out but there is still another 3 weeks of the biggest tournament of the sporting calender. So strong is the grip of the World Cup that we’re [ Read more → ]

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Ladies: Stop Complaining About Getting Hit On, You’d Probably Feel Ugly If You Didn’t

“Alright darling, do you come here often?” Let’s cut to the chase. Though plenty of people go clubbing to have a great time with their friends, there’s just as many that are there for one reason: attracting the opposite sex. [ Read more → ]