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How Dr Dre Proved Anything Is Possible & Made It To A Billion

Last week Apple shocked the world with news they’re about to complete a deal for Beats Electronics for $3.2 Billion. Yes, BILLION! (I bought mine for 90 quid off eBay so I think I got the better deal to be honest). Anyway, as part owner of Beats, Dr Dre is now set to[…]

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10 Reasons Why Every 20-Something Should Have A Side Hustle

London life can be expensive, VERY expensive. Anyone unfortunate enough to not have millionaires for parents will have probably been forced to scrimp come the end of the month at one point or another. Whether that means cutting back on the amount of Tesco’s Finest making it into your basket[…]

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5 Great Money Making Ideas

Money makes the world go round – or at least in our world of 20 something’s it does anyway. But with the cost of living increasing and wages, well, not, we’re all doomed to live at home till we’re 41. That is unless we’re able to summon our inner entrepreneur[…]