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Sorry To Be So Blunt, But You’re Really Not Pulling That Off

Just because something is in fashion, it doesn’t mean you can pull it off. Case and point: Crop Tops. Crop tops are in fashion and don’t we know it, you can’t walk three steps in a club without seeing someones [ Read more → ]

Stalking stalker crazy girlfriend Awkward

The 5 Women You Should NEVER Date

 We get it, you’re the man and you can have any woman you want. You can, you totally can.   Except for these: Your Best Friends Sister So, Harry Potter broke the number 1 rule in the man code book [ Read more → ]

Gossip Shh Stop Talking Girls Girlfriend

Annoying Girlfriend Behaviour: How to lose a guy in 6 steps

Congrats on getting a boyfriend! Well done you!! But, don’t crack open the celebratory champagne just yet, because I’m sorry to say, the hard work isn’t over yet. The very last thing that you want to do now is become that annoying [ Read more → ]

Ben Stiller Zoolander Vain Really Ridiculously Goodlooking

5 Signs he loves himself more than he loves you.

Just because men don’t spend an hour every morning doing their hair and make up, doesn’t mean they’re not just as vain as women, if not more so. Sure, we all want a man who likes to take care of [ Read more → ]

signs can't kiss tongue face licking

How To Tell If You’re A Bad Kisser

I love a good smooch as much as the next girl. The tender little peck in the morning, the ‘I-haven’t-seen-you-in-ages’ long intimate embrace and the round the back of the bins snog (what? Haven’t we all). Each and every little [ Read more → ]

Worst things to say after a one night stand

I reckon a lot of us have been there and done that. It’s simple: you want sex, he wants sex, neither of you want any commitment. Commence no-strings-attached sexy times.  But it usually ends like this: After a night of [ Read more → ]

Is the friend zone only for ugly people

Let’s ask ourselves seriously for a second: have you ever had a monumental crush on someone only to have that person turn around and say ‘let’s just be friends?’ or ‘you’re like a sister to me’. Or on the other [ Read more → ]