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When She’s On Top And She’s The ONLY One Gaining From It: The 9 Things Women Do In Bed That ALL Men Secretly Hate

I’m not gonna lie, I love a good moan. I’ll complain and moan about anything and everything, everything except sex that is. You’ve heard the quote, “pizza is a lot like sex. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, [ Read more → ]

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I Spent My Whole Life Studying And My Friend With No Degree Is Living Like Diddy

When I graduated from uni last year, I thought I’d feel an overwhelming sense of joy and achievement but for some reason, it just never happened. I couldn’t put my finger on it, I’d seen people describe it as one of the [ Read more → ]

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Easy Isn’t A Good Look – Why Guys Secretly Love It When A Girl Plays Hard To Get

There are certain things (regardless of how politically correct or not) that we expect the opposite sex to do and it’s all part of the game we play. We’re assigned gender roles from the moment we’re gifted our first Action Man [ Read more → ]

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Let Me Explain What The New Snapchat Update Really Means For Everyone

If you weren’t already aware, I’ll let you know last week, everyone’s favourite photo sharing app Snapchat (aka Nude Sender aka “my nipples will disappear in 5 seconds”) announced a new update and it’s something of a game changer. We received this press [ Read more → ]

An Open Letter To The Gym Wankers: Stop With The Constant Gym Tweets And Selfies

Firstly, this isn’t one of those ‘out of shape lonely writer hates all gym goers’ type posts. I go to my gym pretty frequently and still find it strange some people see that it should define a huge part of [ Read more → ]

It’s About Time You Made A Decision…You Can’t Keep It Casual Forever, Are You With Her Or Not?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve witnessed my close friends go on the pathetic roundabout of letting their “relationships” slip, all because they were scared of actually getting into relationships. Ironic, right? It always starts off as [ Read more → ]

The 10 Best Ways To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

We’ve all told ourselves on our 18th birthday that we were finally adults but let’s be honest, twenty-one is the big one, the one when you FINALLY feel grown. There’s literally nothing you can’t do now. So let me offer [ Read more → ]

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Quality Over Quantity: One Good Girl Is Worth A Thousand B*tches

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it’s a Kanye quote and yes, I know he’s not exactly the best person to take advice from at times. Trust me I know, I’ve paid good money to watch this man stop a [ Read more → ]

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You’ve Told Him You Have A Boyfriend And He Still Wont Go Away: What Men Really Think When You Tell Them You Have A Boyfriend

The four words no guy ever wants to hear on a night out, “I have a boyfriend”. In our mind’s every girl in the club is single and it’d be incredibly selfish of you to spoil our fantasy. Truth is [ Read more → ]

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D’Banj Live Performance + Idris Elba On The Decks At ShakaZulu This Friday

It’s going down this Friday (25th April) at Shaka Zulu! We’ll have G.O.OD Music artist D’Banj, ‘The Kokomaster’ himself in the building performing smash hit “Oliver Twist” as well as his latest single “Bother You”. Don’t think we’re done there; on the [ Read more → ]