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The Autumn – winter 2013 Fashion Look book



After doing a quick survey and asking everyone what their favourite season is it has come as no surprise that the majority answered summer. Of course summer is a winner BBQs, late sunsets, good vibes, sunshine everyone is happy. But lets face it when the heat reaches over 26 degrees it becomes somewhat of a hassle to get dressed. 

That is why my favourite season is the overlooked autumn. It still sees warmer days than you would find in winter but you can get away with a t shirt and jacket or you can layer it up. Autumn I find goes hand in hand with fashion and this post will be my personal autumn wardrobe essentials for the ladies and the guys:

Skinny Black jeans – If you do not already own a pair of flattering well fit black skinnies I suggest you make your way to the nearest high street and bag yourself a pair immediately. Black skinnies are so diverse and pull together any outfit. I used to hate mine getting faded because of the wash but now I adore my beat up black border line grey skinnies. 

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Polo neck sweater- This can be added to both male and female wardrobes. Its a top that keeps your neck snug without having to wear a scarf. You can find yourself a good quality and good price turtle necks from H&M and Uniqlo. Stick to neutral colours such as black, white and grey so you can pair it with plenty of outfits. 

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Camel/ over sized boyfriend coat-  This season camel is innnnn and I am not complaining! Beige is actually one of my favourite colours clothing wise. Its so versatile, you can wear it with light colours such as creams and whites, dark colours black and grey and autumn colours such as navy, bottle green and burgundy.  

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Black leather jacket- I am almost certain anyone can pull off a leather jacket and everyone needs one. This goes hand in hand with black skinnies. 

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Converses/Vans- These are great to throw on and through summer I have lived in my Converses, and I doubt they will be getting a break this winter. 

Chelsea boots (flats or heeled)/Docs- Last year I gave in and ordered myself a pair of classic matte black docs. Unfortunately, they make my feet ginormous so after having only worn them a few times I’ve tucked them away back in their box under my bed *cries*. This year I found a replacement! And I am living in these also. They’re a beautiful black basic pair of flat chelsea boots and can be worn with skinnies, dresses or skirts and gives you an instant rocker vibe to any outfit. Men can also pull this off with a flattering pair of skinnies. (please note when I say “skinny” I don’t mean legging type skinny. I am referring to a well tailored flattering non flare/ non boot cut” type jeans). 


Fur coat- Ahhh the fur coat. Thinking of it is almost enough to keep me warm. I have an obsession for fur and I think every female deserves a luxury (faux) fur coat to keep you warm. It provides an instant hug every time you slip your arms through the sleeves. Guys don’t skip over this, you too can get away with the right fur coat, take a look at Kanye. Be careful when selecting though you can go from Kanye to Brooklyn pimp quicker than the transition of sun to rain in Britain.  

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Brogues/loafers- These are not necessarily an essential but I think it is easy to get comfortable in winter and loose the sleek tailored edge to an outfit. So if its not raining or snowing why not slip into a pair of brogues. 

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There you have it my personal autumn/winter staple pieces. Thanks for reading! And sorry if I made you spend too much 🙁 

By Annie Ploy 



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